Myers Explains His Reasons For Moving to AU

Hall of Fame softball coach Clint Myers comments on his decision to coach softball at Auburn.

Auburn, Ala.--Auburn's new head coach, Clint Myers, says there are variety of reasons why he decided to make a move across country to take over the Auburn women's softball program, but notes that "family" played the major role in his decision.

On Friday the Tigers announced that the highly-successful Arizona State head coach is headed to Auburn. He brings with him an outstanding record of success, including two national championships and seven College World Series appearances in his eight seasons in charge of the program at ASU. Prior to that he coached teams to six junior college national titles.

Myers notes that he and his wife spent last weekend in Auburn and really liked the place, particularly the family feel and the friendliness of the people they met. "When we were down there we felt at home," he says. "It was awesome.

"I am a very family-oriented guy and Auburn has given me an opportunity to bring my family together again," he says, noting that his sons Corey and Clint will be on his Auburn coaching staff.

"I can tell you our family is extremely excited about what we call "The Alabama Adventure," adds Myers, who says leaving Arizona State wasn't an easy decision because he likes the people he works with and his players. He also notes that he is leaving behind a potential national championship team in Tempe.

However, in the end the challenge of coaching in the ultra-competitive Southeastern Conference in what he calls the "twilight" of his career also factored into the decision as well as the chance to do it at Auburn.

"Just the history and reputation of the university of Auburn is awesome," he says. "It is a great academic school that has phenomenal athletics and to have an opportunity to go to a place like that...and to have my family all together, that is just great."

He notes that his plan is to coach seven more seasons before retiring and be a coaching mentor to his sons, Corey and Casey, while doing it. "They are going to be great coaches," he says. "They are great young men."

"I am looking at 2020 as the goal," Myers notes. "If the health stays good and my wife says she is enjoying herself and everything else, who knows. There is one thing I know I can do and that is coach."

A 1976 graduate of Arizona State, his final Arizona State team posted a 50-12 record and advanced to the College World Series. His overall record at ASU is 427-102 and his overall record as a college softball coach is 908-143.

Clint Myers will be just the second softball coach in AU history. He is replacing Tina Deese, who was fired after the 2013 season.

Commenting on why he has been so successful coaching softball as well as baseball, Myers says, "I surround myself with good people, class athletes who are good in the classroom as well as on the playing field. I surround myself with good coaches who are good people."

"One of the things I live my life by and one of the things we introduced at Arizona State is that ‘greatness is a way of life.' It is not something you can turn on and off. You have to live your life by it."

He notes that it takes a total commitment, on and off the field, to be successful at the level his teams have been. "You can't walk through the practice gate and say I am going to be great today or on game day say I am going to be great today," he points out.

Myers says he and his new staff will start recruiting as soon as possible. He will be on the job in Tempe through the end of next week before heading to Auburn.

He notes that one of the keys is to do a good job of recruiting prospects in Alabama, a state that has consistently put teams into the NCAA playoffs in recent years. Auburn's in-state rival, Alabama, has a College World Series title to its credit.

"I just hope to make Pat Murphy's life miserable," Myers says of the Alabama coach while adding there are also other good programs in the state to compete against.

The coach notes he can't wait to get started building his program at Auburn. "I feel very fortunate that I have a job I love going to every single day," he says.

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