"Amazing" News For Ailing Auburn Coach

Auburn golf coach Kim Evans has been declared cancer free following aggressive chemotherapy treatment.

Birmingham, Ala.--Auburn's highly-respected women's golf coach, Kim Evans, got the best news possible on Thursday when her doctors at UAB told her that she is cancer free.

Since being diagnosed with ovarian cancer this past spring, Evans has been going through aggressive treatments, including a heavy dose of chemotherapy.

"I was in the waiting room at the doctor's office and I felt like it was taking a real long time for him to see me so I was getting pretty nervous," Evans said of her most recent visit to Birmingham. I just prayed. That is what I did."

Evans had gone to Birmingham a day early for tests. The doctors studied the results and gave her the good news on Thursday telling that there is no evidence of disease in her body.

"To get news like that is amazing," Evans said. "I am still weak, bald-headed and the whole bit, but today is a good day."

"I don't have any more chemo treatments and I will see the doctor in three months," she added. "I will see him every three months for the next two years."

Evans said that she is looking forward to returning to her coaching duties, but said that will have to wait until the time is right. This summer Auburn hired Andrew Pratt from Tulane to become the associate head coach, allowing Evans to spend all of her time and energy getting well.

"I learned this from my doctor that you really have to take one day at a time," Evans said. "I was really taking one day at a time and not trying to get ahead of myself--staying in that moment. The news was good."

"I have just got to get healthy again," she said on when she will start coaching again. "I still have side effects from chemo. I?have to get strong and healthy so when I am with them I am not sick and tired and can't push myself.

"I will see them from time to time," she pointed out. "I will just have to play it based on how I progress in the next few weeks and months on when I will be able to travel again."

Evans (left) is shown at a Toomer's Corner celebration with former Tiger Patty Sands after the Tigers won the 2012 SEC Championship.

Evans said she couldn't have asked for better support from the university. "It has just been amazing. First, the Auburn Family has been amazing, what Jay (athletic director Jay Jacobs) did for me hiring an unbelievable associate head coach, Andrew. He has taken our team and has done a great job and I haven't had to worry.

"The support I have gotten from the athletic department and the Auburn Family has been amazing--all my family, all my friends. The golf community, and the collegiate golf community, have been amazing."

Evans has been head coach at her alma mater for 20 seasons. Eight of those years the Tigers won the SEC Championship. During that time she has made a wide range of friends in the Auburn area and across the country.

"Every day I look forward to the calls, the notes and the texts I?have gotten from friends and Auburn people," she said. "It has just been amazing. That is what gets you well. The love and support."

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