Midlands: Lamar DBs vs. Westside WRs

Scout.com has a breakdown on some great wide receiver/cornerback battles that went on in the Lamar versus Westside game played in Houston, Texas. All guys involved will be playing major college football on Saturday, some of which may face off against each other again.

Holton Hill (6-2, 175 – 2015) vs. Frank Iheanacho (6-5, 220 – 2014)
For this battle, let's call it a draw between a couple of players who will both be playing major Division I football over the next two years. 

Hill did a great job of pressing Iheanacho towards the sidelines, forcing the quarterback to make the perfect throw in a situation, which didn't happen often. Hill stayed in his hip pocket for most of the game.

One play in favor of Hill was when Iheanacho streaked down the field. Hill had a step, covering the back side. The quarterback tried throwing to the inside, but Lamar safety Trevion Duncan had the inside coming down with the interception in the first quarter. Great team defense overall with help from the secondary. Hill also had a great pass break up on a slant route where he showed great reaction skills and got his hand in there right on time to break up a ball that was on the money.

Speaking of the slant route, With Iheanacho's size and quickness off the line, this works well for him. That same route that Hill defended well ended up being a completion in the second quarter. Iheanacho got inside position, and with his long-stretched arms, he caught Hill out of position and caught a pass for a first down. Hill was ready and made the immediate tackle.

For Iheanacho, the impressive play for the night from him was a red zone fade route in the second quarter. Iheanacho's size, though Hill is a legit 6-foot-1 himself, was too much as route went for a 9-yard score for Westside. It was a jump ball and Iheanacho simply got position and took it out of the air even though Hill had great position on the inside. 

All in all, it was tough getting a big enough sample size as Lamar kept the pressure coming all game, and not many passes ever got off. But as far as a defensive back/wide receiver match up, it doesn't get much better than Hill and Iheanacho. 

Verdict: Draw

John Bonney (6-1, 175 – 2014) vs. Bobby Hartzog (6-0, 180 – 2014) 
In this example, there is a slight advantage to Hartzog, but the difference is minute between two players who will see each other in the future due to their verbal Big 12 commitments (Bonney – Texas, Hartzog – Kansas). 

In the first quarter, though only one pass was thrown, Bonney was in good position and stayed in position to make a play if the ball would have been in play. 

But in the second quarter, Westside decided to test that side of the field. And what was made known was that Hartzog has the speed to get Bonney on his heels. On multiple occasions, usually on a third-down call, Hartzog would just streak and would beat Bonney as he would get called for pass interference. 

In a postgame talk with Hartzog, he said that Bonney was playing head up on him in the press. Hartzog said he would fake inside and release to the outside, placing Bonney at a disadvantage from the start. In the second quarter, Hartzog was able to use his speed to get the step on Bonney and got free for a 47-yard touchdown. 

That was the only catch for Hartzog and though the ball was not thrown often in the direction of these two, the battle was worth watching. 

On a few occasions, Bonney was able to get a hand in there and break up some passes. He and all of the Lamar secondary, benefit greatly from a pass rush that made Westside quarterback have to get rid of the ball faster than he would have liked. 

Verdict: Slight edge to Hartzog

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