Tigers Focused On Florida Atlantic

Auburn is coming off a huge win over Texas A&M and the Tigers are determined to avoid a letdown this weekend against Florida Atlantic.

Auburn, Ala.--As the euphoria from Saturday's win over Texas A&M continues to wear off for the No. 11 Auburn Tigers, the thoughts of Florida Atlantic begin to come to the forefront for coach Gus Malzahn's club. With wins over two ranked teams in the last three games, Auburn is riding high with plenty of pats on the back to go around for everyone. Malzahn says that kind of support is always a good thing, but this week things don't change for his team.

"That was a special thing when we got to the airport there was a crowd and then when we got back here there was a huge crowd," Malzahn said. "That was a special deal. Saturday we enjoyed it. I told our players and coaches they worked hard, let's enjoy it. Once Sunday got here, that's behind us.

"We've got to get back to doing what got us here," he added. "Working hard. Taking it one day at a time, one game, one practice at a time. We really haven't gotten too much into that after Saturday night."

For the players the theme of one day at a time continues to be the mantra. As part of a team that found ways to lose games at every turn last year, center Reese Dismukes said they're not satisfied with what they've accomplished so far but they also realize what got them to this point.

"Obviously, you have the big goal at the end and that's to win a championship," Dismukes said. "I think that's just so far away and I don't think there's really anybody looking at that. Really, I think everybody's just focused on getting better this week and beating Florida Atlantic this week."

The talk of championships is something that Malzahn isn't even going to entertain right now. With still lots of football left to play he's focused on trying to get his team ready each and every week. That starts on Tuesday with preparations for the FAU Owls.

"The only thing we talked about is this week and Florida Atlantic," Malzahn said. "We're not talking about anything else or thinking about anything else. We're going to keep the same approach. That's what's got us here so far. We have not looked ahead, we have not talked about anything else. We're playing an opponent that is a solid opponent this week."

One of the toughest things for any team is handling success. You see it at every level when a team has a big win or wins, often times there is a letdown somewhere along the line. Avoiding that is the goal this week for the Auburn Tigers and Malzahn said his team knows they're not anywhere close to a finished product right now.

"You see it every week," Malzahn said. "Teams are on a high and they kinda lose their momentum. That's our challenge. We've got to keep moving forward. We've got to keep improving, not look ahead. That's a challenge and that's something we'll address. I'm very upfront with our players.

"I think the mental aspect of college football is very important and I'm happy with where we're at, but I'm going to say it again, we've not arrived. We're going to take it one game at a time. We need to keep improving. You look across college football, the teams that don't keep improving throughout the year, it's relevant. There's a lot of ups and downs and that's our challenge. We got to keep rolling, take it one game at a time and stay focused."

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