Q&A with Alex Gall

Alex Gall played in a couple games last season and is now in the mix for a starting spot. He's enjoying a strong spring. Read on to see what he was saying following Thursday's practice.

On spring:
I've been picking up on it well. They're throwing a lot of blitzes at us to see where we're at and what we're learning. I'm just trying to figure out at the calls, what the defense is doing, when they're switching safeties, knowing when they're blitzing, and things like that.

On playing next to Jon Feliciano:
It's definitely good. He's played a couple years and knows what he's doing. Sometimes I'm in a bind and he can help me out. The tackles being in an up stance can help me so they can see a blitz that I might not be able to see. When you're down, it's hard to see everything. The offensive line is communicating really well.

On his PT last season:
Special teams most of them but I played O-Line in 2 or 3. I played the most against Savannah State and South Florida. I had about 50 snaps against Savannah State and about 35 against South Florida.

On the adjustment from HS:
Picking up the speed of the game was the biggest thing. It's definitely different than high school. Just getting in there and seeing what those guys are like for size, speed, strength, and things like that helped me know what I need to work on.

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