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Alex Givens out of Nashville has two schools out in front of the pack. To find out who those colleges are, read below.

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"Auburn is my leader and Ole Miss is right after them," Givens said. "I just like the way I feel when I am on their campuses."

Alex Givens and his parents just got back in from a trip to Oxford on Tuesday.

"My parents took me over there. It was the first time I have been on their campus for a recruiting trip. It went really good. I really like all of their coaches. I like how they practice. They run a similar practice than what we run at Nashville Christian. They use reads and it is high tempo. I also liked their players. I got a chance to talk to a bunch of their players while I was down there. I asked them a lot of questions. They are definitely number two on my list right now."

What did the 6' 5", 270-pound offensive tackle want to focus on during his trip to Ole Miss?

"I definitely wanted to see what their coaches were like. I have to like the coaches a lot for me to go to school there because that is who you spend most of your time. I felt I fit in really good with their coaches. I love coach (Matt) Luke. That is their offensive line coach. I also liked his two assistants. I like coach (Hugh) Freeze a lot too. He's down to earth. He's a lot like my high school coach. I also like the coach who is recruiting my area, coach (Maurice) Harris. Another down to earth guy who is easy to talk to. I just liked all of their coaches to be honest. They were a big plus for me."

The Rebels graduated seven of their offensive linemen last fall and the depth chart is appealing for the '13 All-State selection.

"Right now they do not have much depth because they have not gotten in their 2014 recruits. They have four coming in this fall. They run a lot of similar stuff that we run here. I am more of a run blocker. They take the same steps we teach here so I felt really confident I could make the transition."

What impressed Alex the most about the Rebels during the unofficial visit?

"I just like how nice everyone is there. I liked how the coaches made me feel at home. I like how coach Luke coaches. He is a very excited guy. He will yell at you one minute and then the next he is praising you. He mixes it up nicely. But what I like about him is he is always trying to teach you and make you better. I really like his coaching style. To be honest I was not too exciting about going there on my visit before I came and once I got there I found out I really like it down there."

What makes Auburn stand out over everyone else?

"The coaches down there definitely reminded me of Ole Miss, but I love how they have it set up for their athletes. I was really impressed with their academic center and how they have tutors set up for you in each class. Everything is so close together too. The practice fields, academic center, footballs stadium, training room, locker room; it is all right there together. I definitely felt a lot more comfortable there. They made me feel like it was family down there."

Alex holds offers from Ole Miss, Vandy, Mississippi State, Virginia, Miami, Cinci, and several more but Auburn has yet to offer.

"They told me one is coming. Hopefully it will come when I go to their spring game on April 11th. It might be going down then. I do not know, but I am hoping it does."

Anymore trips on tap?

"I am going to Ole Miss on April 5th for their spring game. That's it so far."

Truth be known Givens grew up in a Vandy household.

"Yea, my grandparents own Vandy Land. I grew up around their culture, but I am really not a fan of anybody. It is a great school and all, but I am keeping that separated from my recruitment."

Another in-state school received a recent visit.

"I went up to Tennessee a couple weeks back. I love their campus. I have a lot of friends who go there. That is a big factor. I love coach (Don) Mahoney. I feel like I can talk about anything with him. I also like coach Jones. He is down to earth too. I like it up there. They are right behind Auburn and Ole Miss."

Where all has Alex visited and where does he go next?

"I have been to Tennessee, Auburn, Ole Miss, and Vandy. I am going to Ole Miss next weekend and Auburn the weekend after that."

Yancy Porter is the Mississippi Scout for Scout.com and he can be reached at yporter@scout.com

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