FSU makes a big impression

Tarvarus McFadden visited Florida State Thursday with his family to get a closer look at the FSU program and watch some practice. The four-star corner of Plantation (Fla.) American Heritage and his family left very impressed with what's going on in Tallahassee.

Tarvarus McFadden and his family were able to get a very thorough look at Florida State and its football program while visiting on Thursday.

"It was amazing up there. They took me around literally the whole school. I saw all the athletic facilities, all the buildings. Florida State is a very big school, we went around on a golf cart. I saw the living areas. I got to meet all the coaches personally. I got to meet some of the players, I watched the practice," he said.

Watching practice was one of the highlights for the four-star corner. He really liked the way the Seminoles run things.

"They're non-stop, there's a lot of intensity going on out there. The practice was run well. They run the first team offense against all of the second team offense, so it's always like a mix-up in between, it's not like ones versus ones all the time and twos versus twos. I liked that about the practice," he said.

He and his family were also able to have conversations with all of the coaches. The 6-foot-3, 195-pound corner said it's clear he's a priority for FSU in the 2015 class.

"I talked to literally all the coaches, so it was a lot to take in yesterday. All of them said the same thing, that they love me because I'm a big corner, that I'm the number one corner that they want right now," he said.

"They talked to my family a lot and told my family how they really want me to be up there and they just treated me and my family well."

Another thing that really impressed both McFadden and his parents was the academic support for the athletes at Florida State.

"They assign you tutors, so you have no choice but to do well in school. The only way you'll fail is if you want to fail yourself. They have academic advisors that look out for you and tell you when you're missing work. I liked that a lot and my mother and father really liked that part," he said.

Florida State certainly made a big impression on the South Florida standout and his family as well.

"They're at the top," McFadden said.

"My family loved it, I think they loved it more than I did. I already have a little bit of family up there already so it felt like I was home still."

McFadden said he might commit sooner than his original signing day plans, but it depends on how his visit timeline goes. He's thinking it might be this fall, during his senior season. At this time, he doesn't have any other visits on the calendar.

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