Q and A With Auburn LB Signee Tre Williams

Auburn linebacker signee Tre Williams talks about getting ready to get on campus, starting his career with the Tigers, and what the future holds for the program.

Talking with Auburn commitment Tre Williams

Graduation time is almost here. Feel strange for your high school career to be done or are you just excited?

Williams: "I'm excited, but it came so fast. It seems like yesterday I was just starting my senior year. Now I'm graduating. It just came like that. It's just a matter of time. I knew I didn't have that long, but then again it just showed up out of nowhere."

Many players waited and made their decisions later during their senior season. How happy were you and how much better did it make your senior year that you didn't have to worry about the recruiting process?

Williams: "My senior year felt great after I did that. It took a lot of stress off me and my family. I was able to cruise through my senior year like I wanted to. Of course do well in football and play basketball and do all the things I wanted to do as a senior instead of me worrying about what college I wanted to go to."

You had a big senior year. In addition to football you also played a part in the basketball team making a run in the playoffs and you finished the year by winning your second consecutive state title in the shot put. How much fun was all that?

Williams: "We had a great season in football. We came up short, but we still had a great season in my eyes. It was great to keep my title because I won it last year also. Coach told me to go this year to see if I could keep it, and I kept it. It was a great feeling to be a two-time state champion in shot put. It's something I won't even do in college. It was just something I picked up my sophomore and junior year. It's a great feeling."

Now your focus turns to what you have been waiting on almost a full year, getting ready to come to Auburn in a week. Talk about that.

Williams: "That came fast also. I start next Monday (May 26), that's my move-in date. I'm just preparing for that and training every day. I probably won't be as fit as the sophomores and juniors already there, but I'm pretty sure I'll be ahead of most of the freshmen coming in. I'm just trying to get on the field."

You watched this team last fall and in the spring. With that in mind what is the biggest thing you are working on to be ready to get on the field as a true freshman?

Williams: "My main thing is maintaining my weight. I don't want to get too big or two small. I'm also maintaining my strength, I work out every day. The main thing I worry about is the conditioning. I have to run. Even if it's 110's or gassers or I wake up the running and run a mile or so, I have to stay in shape and get my lungs working because when I get to Auburn if they're not working that well then I won't make it."

What's your weight now? How big are you?

Williams: "I have dropped down to 225. That's my goal weight this first year."

A big group of signees are expected to enroll for the first summer school session next week. How important is that to be able to get a leg up on learning and conditioning heading into your first season?

Williams: "It's great that we are starting early because whatever we don't have that we need to be a great college player then they can teach us that in a matter of however many weeks or months they're going to have us. The fact that we're going to be there early means we're going to have a head start over kids at other schools who are going in June and July. And, we can also get a head start on school and learning the plays. It's all-around a big thing."

Seeing what Auburn was able to accomplish last fall and then watching where the team picked back up in the spring, how excited are you about the future of Auburn football?

Williams: "I'm extremely excited. "I watched them in the spring and it looked like they didn't take a step back. That's a great feeling. Once this freshman class comes in all we can do and will do is provide. They already changed things around last year so we can get that out of our minds about changing the program.

"All we have to do is maintain the legacy and keep pushing forward and get better. We're going to be better this year than we were last year. That's our main goal now is just to maintain and get better and go farther than we did last year which is winning the national championship. Not going but winning."

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