Queen to Play For Cam Newton All-Stars

Auburn QB commitment Tyler Queen looked good throwing the football at a recent football camp on the AU campus. Next on his summer schedule is competing in a seven-on-seven event with the Cam Newton All-Stars.

Kennesaw, Ga.-- A longtime Auburn commitment, four-star quarterback Tyler Queen has been on the road to recovery the last two months after an elbow injury cut short his junior baseball season at North Cobb.

Taking time off to rest his arm in the spring, Queen started back throwing two weeks ago and has been pleased with how he has done so far.

Still rusty when he took the field at the Elite 11 in Columbus, Ohio, Queen didn't show any of that over the weekend when he traveled to Auburn to throw for coaches Gus Malzahn and Rhett Lashlee at one of the Tigers' summer camps. Showing a strong arm and very good touch, Queen had one of the better quarterback performances at an Auburn camp in recent years.

"It's coming along well," Queen said. "I'm probably at 90 percent right now. I'm still trying to take it as easy as I can because July is a big month for our team. We've got a lot of camps and seven-on-sevens so I'm just trying to get ready for that and doing whatever I can to make my arm better."

One of the highlights of the day for Queen was having the opportunity to work closely with his future coaches. Getting out and working with the future quarterback, both Malzahn and Lashlee were very involved in the camp and made for a fun day, Queen pointed out.

"It was good because it was one of the first times I have been able to work with them since I committed last summer," the quarterback said. "It was good just to get down there for a little bit. I plan on coming back in July for that camp with a couple of teammates. We'll come down and I will throw some more. It will be good just to continue to work with those guys before I get there."

Queen has a very strong arm and should fit in well with Auburn's offense

In addition to having the chance to work with the coaches, Queen said it was also fun to throw to big tight end Jalen Harris. A prospect who received an offer from Auburn following an impressive performance at the camp, Harris is somebody the Tigers are now targeting and that means it was an opportunity for player-recruiter Queen to get to know him better.

"I think it's huge," Queen said. "For me and some of the other guys it's all about relationships in recruiting. When you're a tight end and you're worried about who is going to be throwing you the ball, if you get to see one of the quarterbacks that is committed and he's throwing you routes that kind of helps with the decision process. It eases your mind that you're going to get the ball if you've got somebody that can throw it to you.

"It was cool to hang out with Jalen and get to hang with him and some of the other guys," Queen added. "It was just a fun day Saturday.

"He has a very big frame and can move extremely well for how big he is," the quarterback said. "He has got good hands and was getting tremendous separation when we were doing seven-on-seven and one-on-one's. He is just a good athlete. You can see by his track record of offers because the best of the best are looking at him. Hopefully we can land him."

Queen is keeping busy as this weekend he will join the Cam Newton All-Star Team down in Bradenton, Fla. for the IMG 7-on-7 National Championships. Getting to play for Newton's team is one thing, but Queen said it goes deeper than that because Cam will actually spend time coaching them as well.

"It's important because this is the closest thing really that we get to to in order to simulate a game-type situation," Queen said. "Getting to sit back and read defenses and keep your mind fresh on the game is huge for me. Being able to work with Cam and picking his brain, the first overall pick and Heisman Trophy winner, that's just huge, too.

"I get to learn new things and take them back with me," he added. "Plus, he learned from the guy I'll be learning from for the next four years so that's cool. It's just just neat to be able to see if from all different angles and to work with him."

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