Malzahn Not Revealing Punishment For QB, DB

Gus Malzahn addresses the situations with Nick Marshall and Jonathon Mincy and talks about the program as a whole heading into the 2014 season.

Hoover, Ala.--With senior quarterback Nick Marshall not making the trip to SEC Media Days following his recent citation for marijuana possession, Auburn Coach Gus Malzahn said there was no choice in his mind to leave Marshall at home. While he said the punishment for Marshall and fellow senior Jonathon Mincy is still yet to be determined, Malzahn said there was never any question about Marshall being in Hoover.

“Nick Marshall, I didn’t bring him because I believe it’s a reward and a privilege to represent Auburn here at SEC Media Days,” Malzahn said. “I believe he lost that right on Friday. We have high expectations for our players but specifically our quarterback being the face of the program.

“Up until last Friday night has been a model student, a model teammate, a model citizen, but he made a mistake and he’s going to suffer the consequences for that mistake. I’m not saying what that consequence is right now but it will be addressed.”

Arrested earlier in July for possession, Mincy’s situation is much the same according to Malzahn. With plans to address both situations in-house, Malzahn said it’s not acceptable and will be dealt with accordingly.

“Jonathon Mincy, obviously it’s very similar to Nick,” Malzahn said. “He’s a senior and we have high expectations for him. He made a mistake and he will suffer the consequences also for his actions.”

Mincy's punishment wasn't discussed by Malzahn on Monday

A player that Malzahn described as a “model teammate and model citizen” since last season, Marshall’s incident is one that is big for the team because of his role as a leader and the quarterback. Making the most of his second chance since leaving Georgia, Marshall was very sorry for what he did and Malzahn said that was obvious when he spoke with him soon after.

“He was very regretful. He’s embarrassed that he hurt his teammates, his family, coaches, all of the above,” Malzahn said. “Like I said he had been a model teammate and a model citizen. He’s done everything right to this point.

“From our standpoint, we have high expectations,” he added. “Our quarterbacks are the face of our program.”

Something that both players did recently was to sit down with their teammates and own up to what they did. Part of a big group of seniors and veterans on the 2014 team, the duo have plenty of support and guys to lean on as they get ready for a new season.

“They have both addressed it,” Malzahn said. “We put our seniors in a leadership position and I’m disappointed in that. I will say this, we’ve got a very strong senior class and I feel very good about them as a group. They’re going to handle it. I don’t foresee any other issues moving forward.”

Not ready to talk about possible punishments for both or plans to move forward early in the season in case there are suspensions, Malzahn said at the moment it’s just about moving forward as a program while at the same time making sure guys understand there are consequences for their actions at all times.

“You’ve got to deal with it,” Malzahn said. “I’m disappointed but I feel very good about where our program is at. Look at the last year and a half and we’ve been one of the cleaner programs in college football. We had two guys make mistakes and we’re going to deal with those mistakes. I feel very good about the big picture and where we’re at with the program. I know our players and coaches feel the same way.”

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