Auburn Leading For 2016 Running Back

Auburn is the leader for 2016 running back Antonio Williams following his trip to see the Tigers this weekend.

One of the top running back prospects in the 2016 class, Antonio Williams traveled to Auburn on Friday and spent much of the day Saturday on the Plains hanging out with the coaches and players. Getting to go through a short workout before heading back to North Carolina, Williams said he enjoyed everything about his first look at the Tigers.

“I really liked the place,” Williams said. “The coaches welcomed me really good. I came in around 9:30 (Friday night) and they were waiting on me to give me a tour. That really opened up my eyes and everything. All day today I was with Coach (Tim) Horton.”

A onetime North Carolina commitment, Williams has opened up his recruiting once again and is looking at several schools including Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Michigan, Oklahoma and Wisconsin. Even though he’s still waiting on an offer from the Tigers, he said the visit showed him something he didn’t expect.

“They said it’s like a marriage with them,” Williams said of not having an Auburn offer yet. “They want to know their wife before they marry her. Our relationship is not new but in the process of growing. I understand that completely and I respect that decision of not offering me right now. I’m sure it will come in the future. I just have to produce this season to get that.

“They are up there,” he added. “I would probably put them at number one without even having an offer.”

Comparing himself to former Auburn standout Tre Mason because of his body style and the way he runs, Williams said he feels like the offense would be a great fit for him if he chose the Tigers.

“As we were watching film earlier he hits the holes similarly to me,” Williams said. “There is a similarity on the field. I could see myself in that position as I watched the offense. We run some similar type plays, not the same formation, but the same blocking schemes and everything.”

Not planning on making a decision anytime soon, Williams said getting an Auburn offer would definitely make him think about things a little harder. Planning on making a return trip this fall for a game, he said Auburn is growing on him day by day.

“I’m not committing any time soon but they would probably hold that spot as the number one team if they did offer. Right now (a visit) wouldn't really have a big effect because they are already so high with me. I have never been to a place as nice as Auburn is. It's just unbelievable."

As a sophomore Williams had over 2,000 rushing yards.

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