AU Family Atmosphere Stands Out To 5-Star OT

Five-star offensive tackle Martez Ivey talks about his second trip to Auburn. He made trip with Auburn commitment and teammate Chandler Cox.

Deciding he wanted to spend his birthday at his future home in Auburn, four-star fullback commitment Chandler Cox was on the Plains from Saturday-Tuesday but wasn’t the big news because his teammate and five-star offensive tackle Martez Ivey tagged along as well to get another look at the Tigers.

“I think it was a better trip for me because my family was here and Tez was here,” Cox said. “We got to see things and really spend time with the coaches. I got to sit back and really relax a little bit. This is my home and it’s going to be my home in January when I come in. I was mostly focused on Tez and what he wants to do. He’s got a big decision coming up soon.”

One of the top prospects at his position in the country, Ivey has long had the Tigers at the top of his list along with the home-state Florida Gators. Making his second visit to Auburn to spend time with Coach Gus Malzahn, J.B. Grimes and company, Ivey said he loved everything about his trip.

“Coming down it was just good to spend time with the coaches,” Ivey said. “You usually don’t get to do that. Building a relationship with the coaches is a big part of the recruiting process. That’s who you’re going to be with for the next four or five years. You don’t want to come down and be miserable because football isn’t always going to be great every day. You also want to have a great relationship with the players and also the coaches.”

Spending time with Auburn offensive tackles Patrick Miller and Shon Coleman while on his trip, Ivey said he got a good idea of the kind of teammates he would have if he chose the Tigers. That’s big for him as is the way he fits into Malzahn’s offensive scheme.

Chandler Cox and Martez Ivey both celebrated birthdays while visiting Florida and Auburn in the last week. Cox turned 18 on Tuesday

Playing in a Wing-T style of offense for the Apopka Blue Darters, Ivey is a punishing blocker at the point of attack and has the athleticism to be a dominating player on the next level. He said that he could see himself fitting into Auburn’s players very well.

“It’s very similar to what we do in high school--really similar,” Ivey said of Auburn’s offense. “I know they have different terms for everything, but it’s the same things we do. It may be more detailed but very similar.”

Building relationships with the coaching staff is high on the wish list for Ivey when making his choice down the road. Saying that will be one of the things that could separate Auburn and Florida, the big tackle said it was huge to get so much one-on-one time with Malzahn while on campus and he could see himself playing for the Tigers.

“Football is not the biggest picture here,” Ivey said of Auburn. “It’s all about the family aspect. I don’t really have any concerns about Auburn to tell you the truth.

“I talked to some of the the players and they said how the coaches react during the recruiting process is how they are during the regular season,” he added. “They have a great relationship. You can definitely talk to them (coaches) with ease. There is no fear in any one coach.”

Saying his decision could come at any time when the feeling is right, Ivey said he wants to visit both Auburn and Florida officially this fall, but isn’t sure about any other schools at the moment. Still torn “50-50” after seeing both schools in a matter of days, Ivey said there is no question having Cox on campus could be a big plus for the Tigers when the time comes.

“That’s big,” Ivey said. “When you go somewhere you don’t want to feel lonely or whatever. If you come here (Auburn) you can count on somebody else being here for you. Also coming here the players treat you like family. That’s what I saw the last couple of days. They treat you like no other almost.”

While Auburn is firmly entrenched with Ivey it’s still a tough battle with a Florida team he grew up following.

“I guess I just always wanted to be there,” he said. “That’s home almost. That’s how you feel when you go there, but then I come here (Auburn) and it’s like home too. I’m stuck in the middle I guess.”

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