Four-Star 2016 Prospect Talks Auburn Offer

Athletic 2016 defensive lineman Prince Sammons discusses his first look at the Auburn Tigers and getting an offer from the defending SEC Champions after just one year of high school football.

Cincinnati, Ohio--An athletic 2016 defensive end who has just played one year of football after moving from Nigeria, 6-6, 240 Prince Sammons picked up an offer from Alabama on Tuesday while making a visit to Tuscaloosa. On Wednesday the trend continued for Sammons as he visited Auburn and got big news from Coach Gus Malzahn following his look at the Tigers.

“It was pretty exciting for me to get an offer by the coach, particularly in his office, which I loved,” Sammons said. “I’ll never stop working. I’ll keep doing what I have to do in order to improve my game.”

Getting an opportunity to spend time on the Auburn campus and get a feel for Coach Rodney Garner and the rest of the staff, Sammons said that he felt very comfortable on his first trip to the Plains.

“They seemed like a family and loved their players,” Sammons said. “They seemed like they care more about the players and want to make them to become great men in life, not only on the football field but outside in life.”

Originally from Lagos, Nigeria and moving to the United States just over two years ago, Sammons grew up playing soccer and basketball before taking a shot at American football last fall. The sport grew on him in a hurry as he came to love the game because of its physical nature, but it’s something his family back home is still trying to learn.

“They don’t understand what American football is,” Sammons said. “They don’t really know yet. They saw me in a helmet on Facebook and were like ‘what is that?’ I told them it’s football, but not the football you play.

“The physicalness and contact is a pretty big change for me,” he added. “I can’t do that on the basketball court because I get technicals all the time. I know I can sometimes take my anger out on the field and I’m not going to get penalized for it. I can hit somebody and nobody is going to fine you for that.”

Hoping to get back to Auburn this fall for a game if he gets an invitation from the coaching staff, Sammons said he doesn’t have any plans to make an early decision, but he could see himself wind up anywhere provided it’s the right situation.

“I wouldn’t say yes and I wouldn’t say no,” Sammons said about playing so far from home in Cincinnati. “I will pray on it and maybe God has a plan for me. Anywhere he asks me to go then I will go.”

Sammons said he plans to check out Georgia on Wednesday before returning home to prepare for his junior season. With still plenty of time before he has to decide on a college and his future home to play football, he said for him it’s all about him becoming the best player he can be.

“It’s mostly fundamentals because all sports you have to work on fundamentals,” Sammons said. “You’ll never beat the fundamentals. Even when you get old you still work on the fundamentals. I will just keep working on that, which is the biggest thing for me to do.”

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