Marshall "I Made A Mistake"

Nick Marshall talks about his summer citation for marijuana and getting back to football while Rhett Lashlee

Auburn, Ala.--Since his citation for marijuana possession and illegally tinted car windows during a traffic stop on July 11, Auburn quarterback Nick Marshall has worked hard to regain the trust of his coaches, teammates and the fans while also continuing to improve his skills heading into the season. It hasn’t been an easy road for one of the senior leaders and he said it started with a difficult conversation with his teammates.

"It was tough because when that happened, it was like that whole team was in that car with me and also the coaching staff, and I felt bad about it,” Marshall said. “But then again, I came up here and I apologized and I told them it won't happen again, and they accepted me back with open hands.

“I made a mistake and I'm just trying to gain my trust back from the coaches,” he adds. “I let my family down and I'm also trying to gain their trust back and also the Auburn fans."

With his case closed and no arrest after his mother paid a $1,100 fine for the drug charges and illegal window tinting on his car, Marshall said the disappointment for him at the time is slowly going away, but he said the mistake is a learning experience for him.

“The incident that happened, it's just going to change me as a better man on and off the field,” Marshall said. “Like I said, I'm just trying to gain my trust back from my coaches and my teammates.

"I let them down,” he added. “They're family, they're going to be there since day one and I was sad that I let them down like how I did. It's just I'm gaining their trust back and they're still going to be with me to this day."

One person who is firmly behind Marshall is his position coach Rhett Lashlee. As someone who works closely with Marshall day in and day out, Lashlee said he has seen the quarterback improve by leaps and bounds on the field and those qualities have shown up off the field as well since his troubles this summer.

“Nick's been steady from day one,” Lashlee said. “He's been really good. I think NIck's best day was probably yesterday. He threw the ball really well, but the best part of yesterday was there were times he just made great decision. No. 1, 2 and 3 weren't there and he hit the fourth guy. From the standpoint of about, I keep saying three days ago, it was probably Thursday or Friday practice.

“We were off Friday, so it was Thursday's practice,” he added. “From that point on, our seniors and our guys we were really counting on have led and Nick has been right at the front of that and I've been really proud of that. Him and the wide outs are really starting to lead, which has been really good.”

While there is still plenty to work to be done for Marshall on the field, he said the most important thing for him is that everyone on the team has been “100 percent” behind him in the last month and that has meant the world to him. Now he is focused on football and helping the Tigers try to finish what they started last season, Lashlee said he’s the guy to lead this team once again.

“I think it’s night and day,” Lashlee said of Marshall’s improvement. “He obviously improved a lot in the spring--he’s a lot further along now than he was in the spring. His footwork’s good. He rarely makes errant throws because he’s off balance or because he’s not doing the proper footwork and those fundamentals you ask of him.

"He has really bought in and worked on it himself and he has got very consistent, which I think has made him made a more consistent passer and quarterback," Lashlee said. "Now it’s more of just making sure we made the right decision all the time and, like I said, for the most part he’s done that, especially the last couple of days.”

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