Scout's Newest 4-Star

It's no secret that linemen develop more slowly than skill players, and the jump that Marquel Harrell of Creekside (Ga.) has made since last season has earned him a big promotion.

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Auburn commitment Marquel Harrell (6'3/300) is Scout's newest 4-Star rated player as he's made a big jump to the No. 8 offensive guard prospect in the entire country.

Harrell plays left tackle for Creekside on what is arguably the top offensive line unit in the nation that also includes Venzell Boulware (Tennessee), DeAndre Ford, and junior Aaron Dowdell. But it's Harrell who is the lynch pin of this talented line.

Harrell already has the size; he's got the athleticism, and he's blocking to the whistle on every play.

It's been a long time since I saw an offensive lineman who could have gotten flagged for a late hit out of bounds because he took his man into the Gatorade buckets. Harrell is a one man ice bucket challenge, only his opponents don't volunteer to get doused on the sidelines.

Obviously the pancake blocks and the tenacious motor are going to catch anyone's attention, but there are nuances in Harrell's game that stood out to me as well.

One of the more noticeable traits is a block 30 yards down field during the game against South Cobb. One thing I can't remember seeing though is a tackle who keeps his head up so well during a block. Yes it helps that he severely outmatched his opponent, something he won't be able to do so easily on the next level. But Harrell would engage a defender, then look where his running back is so that he could help steer his man to the position most advantageous for the ball carrier.

After a touchdown, the common stance these days is an offensive lineman lifting the much smaller ball carrier over his head. Jump bumps are left for skill players...and Marquel Harrell. Harrell isn't lifting his man over his head; he's running up and doing jumping chest bumps.

Going down the checklist of what makes an elite offensive line prospect, Harrell ticks every box.

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Here's a look at Harrell in action from Creekside's game against South Cobb

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