Texas Commitment Still Interested In Auburn

Wide receiver prospect John Burt talks about his official visit to check out the Auburn football Tigers.

Tallahassee, Fla.--John Burt left his official visit to Auburn still committed to the Texas Longhorns, but said the Tigers gave him plenty to consider before he signs scholarship papers as a member of the 2015 class.

The four-star recruit, who is ranked as Scout.com’s No. 15 wide receiver prospect, said his fourth visit to Auburn was enjoyable as he watched the Tigers defeat LSU 41-7.

“I had a real good time,” he said. “It was a real good experience.”

Burt pointed out that he is considering a return trip later this month when the Tigers take on South Carolina. “It all depends on what my final decision is and all that,” he said, noting he needs to sit down and talk in detail with his family about his college choice.

He explained that he is now just looking at the Tigers and Longhorns with hometown FSU out of the picture. He hasn’t taken an official visit yet to Texas. “I want to visit them again even though I have been there so many times,” he said. “I have a real good relationship with all of the coaches there.

“As far as an official visit that is one thing I am thinking about really. I am thinking about if I have seen enough or is there something else I might want to see. That is one of the things I will probably be thinking about in the next two or three weeks.”

A six-foot-three, 190-pounder with excellent speed at Lincoln High School, he is in middle of his senior season. “We are playing alright,” he said. “We have some things we have to work on, but you can’t really complain about being 5-1.”

Burt was at Auburn last fall to see the Tigers’ dramatic victory over rival Alabama. “Nothing compares to the Iron Bowl, but a regular season game like that, especially against LSU, I really like the atmosphere,” he said. “They have really good fans. Before the game when I saw the Tiger Walk that was probably my favorite part beside the game because everybody was loud and all the chants and all that.”

Commenting on Auburn’s chances of him playing for Gus Malzahn’s Tigers, Burt said, “After talking Coach Malzahn, Coach Lashlee (offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee) and Coach Craig (receivers coach Dameyune Craig), I have just got to go home and talk with my family and all of that and kind of see where we are. I am not really saying they could, I am not saying they could not. I have just got to analyze everything I heard this weekend.

“Everything is up in the air,” Burt added. “I am committed to Texas right now. Who knows whether or not that can change. I am not really sure.”

Asked if the Longhorns’ struggles on the field are impacting his decision, he said that is something he talked about with AU’s coaches.

“One point I took from it is it seems they were making the point that they are more stable in terms of who they have after the seniors leave, who they have coming in and stepping up,” Burt said.

“When Nick Marshall leaves they have Jeremy Johnson in there. They were telling me how they have a plan to get some of the backups in early in the season, get them some experience so when it is finally their turn to step up they have already had the experience, they already know what to do and all of that.

“They were saying Jeremy Johnson has the highest QBR (quarterback rating) in the nation right now. He is basically, essentially what Auburn calls the backup right now, which is pretty incredible.”

The prospect said he was impressed with the performance of Auburn’s receivers vs. LSU. “Coach Malzahn was talking about I was in the stands so we have to pass the ball to show John what we have got. I thought the receiver play was really good last night.

Sammie Coates had that really big catch that he scored on early in double coverage. I thought that was a pretty amazing catch. Overall, they are pretty set. They really know what to do at the receiver position.”

Commenting on his level of concern with Texas struggling on the field, he said, “Is it a concern--a little. Is it unexpected? Not really. They just got a new coaching staff letting a whole bunch of people go--a bunch of suspensions and stuff like that. You really can’t expect a team that is going through all of this to perform the way they should be and the way they are expected to.

“Do I think they are going to bounce back? Yes, I think they are going to bounce back. As far as how much time that is going to take I am not sure.”

John Burt is a prospect who is expected to improve as he adds size and strength in college.

Burt pointed out he likes both the Auburn and Texas staffs. “As far as the interaction with the players and the coaches with me and the other players there is not really much of a difference,” he said. “There is a really strong family atmosphere (at Auburn) as well as at Texas, which is why there is a little bit of see-sawing here.

“I really feel like both of the schools are similar--not from an on-the-field perspective, but in the facilities and the relationship everybody has with each other. They are very similar in the way they act with one another.”

Burt added that he will probably return to Austin before making a final decision. “I am probably going to take a visit to Texas at some point, probably in bowl season,” he said. “That is what I was talking to the coaches about. That is really all the visits I have. As far as schools I am really talking to, it is just the two--Texas and Auburn at this point.”

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