Auburn Visit A '10' For Five-Star Tackle

Five-star offensive tackle Martez Ivey discusses his official visit to Auburn, what he likes about the Tigers, what schools he's still considering, and more.

Apopka, Fla.--The top rated offensive tackle prospect in the nation, five-star Martez Ivey, had been to Auburn for several unofficial visits before taking a trip this weekend to see the Tigers officially. Spending a great deal of time with Coach Gus Malzahn as well as offensive line Coach J.B. Grimes over the weekend, Ivey said everything about the trip went well and noted that he especially enjoyed getting to see Tiger Walk for the first time.

“It was a ‘10,’ it was great,” Ivey said of his visit. “Last night I got to hang out with the players and coaches and everything. They were treating me really well.

“It was great to get to see all the fans and the Tiger Walk,” he added. “That was pretty sweet. I was shocked to see that many people just standing in line to see the football team before the game. It was pretty amazing to see that.”

Having already visited Florida officially and planning to visit LSU as well as a West Coast school, Ivey said at the moment’s he is still a long way from making a final decision after seeing the Tigers over the weekend.

“Whenever I feel right and whatever is the right choice for me and what is the best for me is when I’ll make a decision,” Ivey said. “They are both up there. It’s no secret that’s my top two right there (Auburn and Florida). Not really my top two, but where I’m showing a lot of interest right now.”

While on his visit Auburn offensive lineman Jordan Diamond was his player host on Friday night and Shon Coleman and Alex Kozan were his hosts on Saturday, Ivey said he had a good time getting to know the players while on the Plains. He also had a chance to get personal time with Malzahn, eating lunch and dinner with him on Friday and having breakfast on Sunday. Ivey said that was important for him to get a feel for the head coach.

“I think Coach Malzahn is a great coach,” Ivey said. “He has won everywhere he’s been. He’s all about fast tempo and he’s very energetic. You can tell on Saturdays and he’s energetic. Yesterday I was watching him while he was on the sidelines.”

Getting an opportunity to sit down with Grimes and talk football was important for Ivey as well. The veteran offensive line coach is the guy he would be playing for if he chose the Tigers, something that Ivey said would be fine with him.

“He’s very straightforward,” Ivey said. “He’s not going to tell you one thing and do another. He also cares for his players, I can tell. I can also tell how his players care for him. It speaks very highly of him and he speaks highly of his players. There is a bond.”

There is no question that Ivey is definitely one of the top recruits left on Auburn’s board at the moment, but right now the Tigers aren’t trying to convince him to make an immediate decision. Instead they are just continuing to build a relationship with talented offensive lineman, something he appreciates.

“They don’t try to pressure me to do something I don’t want to do,” Ivey said. “This is a big part of your life and I don’t want to feel pressure about making a choice or decision about anything.”

With his Auburn official visit now done and his close friend and teammate Chandler Cox already committed to the Tigers with plans for enrolling in December, Ivey said there is a lot to like about the Tigers and there is no question they’ll be there until the end for him.

“It was definitely Tiger Walk,” Ivey said. “That was pretty sweet. You don’t see that every gameday, nothing like that at least. That’s special right there.

“It’s family-built,” he added. “That’s what they want to show you. They want to bring you into their family. That’s big. You can tell at Tiger Walk. I had a bunch of people telling me War Eagle and to come join the family.”

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