AU Visit Goes Well For Prince Tega Wanogho

Edgewood Academy football standout Prince Tega Wanogho Jr. visited Auburn over the weekend. Coach Todd Taylor talks about how it went for the four-star prospect.

One of the top athletes in the 2015 class, Prince Tega Wanogho made his official visit to Auburn over the weekend to check out the Tigers. Having already visited LSU in the process after reclassifying from the 2016 class to the 2015 class just weeks ago, it was an opportunity for him to see one of his favorites.

Making his trip along with his guardian, Coach Todd Taylor and his family, Tega enjoyed the experience and Taylor said overall it was a great trip despite steady rains on Sunday making it difficult for the player on crutches. Struggling to get around now after breaking a bone in his leg recently in a basketball game, Tega got some help while on his visit and that was much appreciated.

“I think it went pretty good,” Taylor said. “I think he had a good time. They were very thoughtful in everything they did with getting him around with golf carts and having a wheelchair accessible to keep him from walking everywhere. I thought all of it went well as far as that was concerned.

“I think he really enjoyed the coaching staff,” he added. “As far as I know he felt pretty comfortable there. Overall, it was a good visit for him.”

A big reason for the visit was to get a better feel for the coaching staff. That meant sit downs with Gus Malzahn, Will Muschamp and Rodney Garner. Capable of playing defensive end or even standing up on defense to rush the passer, Tega liked what he heard from Auburn’s new coordinator said Taylor.

“I thought that went well,” Taylor said. “He had a good meeting with them when he was in there. Coach Muschamp really broke it down and explained things thoroughly to him, the type of player he would be and where they would have him lined up on the field. They showed him clips of film of other guys in that position and where he would be playing. I thought all that went well for him.”

With two official visits now under his belt and possible trips to Mississippi State, Tennessee and maybe South Carolina still in the works, Tega could take his decision past signing day, Taylor pointed out. Even though that is not a definite at this point, Taylor said at least having two trips has given Tega something to use when making a decision if that happens.

“At this time I’m going to say it’s a possibility,” Taylor said of extra visits. “Now he has something to compare it to. LSU was the first visit. It’s kind of like opening your first present that you ever get. You are excited, you fall in love with it, and it’s great, but what do you have to go on?

“Now he’s got something to compare it to,” he added. “He’ll just have to sit down and kind of weigh out his options and go from there. We still have others scheduled, but at this time right now I thought he felt pretty comfortable (at Auburn).”

No matter if the decision comes on Monday, on signing day, or two weeks from now, it will end a busy time for Tega, the Taylor family, Edgewood Academy and everyone that has been involved. Forced to speed up the process in the last month after moving up a year after the prospect was reclassified as a senior from his previous status asa junior, Taylor said it has been a learning experience for all, but it will be a great day when everything is over and done.

“It changed things dramatically,” Taylor said of Tega moving to the 2015 class. “You thought you had another year of playing in high school and going through the process and just taking your time being able to slowly adjust to what school I may attend. You could maybe even take an unofficial visit there and take a look around. All of the sudden during a two-week period you’re going from 16 to 15 and you have to pick several schools and decide who you’re going to visit and when you’re going to visit.

“Then you have an accident and you have to reschedule,” he added. “It was crazy, absolutely crazy. You’re dealing with the best conference in America and every school is outstanding. All of the coaching staffs are outstanding.

"I thought they all did a great job of staying in touch with him, communicating with him, and letting him know they were there for him and care for him. There were still those few that were there that kind of stood out among all of them. I think those few that really stood out, that took that extra interest, were the ones that kind of stuck in his heart a little bit I think.”

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