Relationship With AU Coaches A Key For Craig

Nate Craig discusses his comeback from injury, his commitment to Auburn, and what schools he may visit.

Tampa, Fla.--One of the top wide receiver prospects in the 2016 recruiting class, Tampa Catholic’s Nate Craig has been a longtime commitment to the Auburn Tigers, but it hasn’t kept schools from all over the country from putting the pressure on the five-star talent as he prepares to get back on the field after missing much of his junior year with a leg injury.

Saying that he’s much closer to getting back on the field with a timeline of the end of this month for that to happen, Craig said for him the last six months have been extremely tough. Forced to sit and watch as his teammates and friends put in work on the field, Craig said the toughest part is to have the patience not to try to rush back too early.

“It’s difficult because you just want to get out there because you see other guys out there competing in camps and you just wish you could be out there,” Craig said. “I’m just trying to take it one step at a time and not trying to rush it because the worst thing that could happen is having to sit out my senior year.”

With Florida State, Alabama and now Baylor pushing Craig and likely to get visits, he said at the moment Auburn is still very much the team to beat and his commitment remains solid to the Tigers as spring visits begin to kick into high gear. For Auburn that could be a scary thought with Craig checking out other schools, but he said it’s something he’s talked with the coaching staff about and it’s all about making sure of his choice.

“I just feel it’s a great percentage right now,” Craig said of his commitment to Auburn. “I feel like no school is in the mix like Auburn. I’ve got a great relationship and that’s the key.

“I just want to make sure I make the right decision,” he added. “They know that I’m still open and looking at different schools, but I’m committed to them.”

A big reason why Craig chose Auburn to begin with and why he’s still very comfortable with his decision is his bond with wide receiver coach Dameyune Craig, Gus Malzahn, and the rest of the staff. Making several visits to the Plains in the last two years, he said it’s something very important to him because these are going to be his mentors on the next level.

“I have a great relationship with the Auburn staff not only just Coach Craig,” Craig said. “Coach Craig is a great guy and we talk more about family and just teaching me to be more of a man than just football.

“It’s very big because you always want to have a relationship with the coaches,” he added. “In this early process I always was taught that you always want to have a good relationship with the position staff because you are going to be with him the majority of the time, not the head coach. When I made that connection with Coach Craig it was clicking.”

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