Q&A With Auburn Lineman Montravius Adams

Montravius Adams talks about spring practice, his development and Auburn's new defensive coordinator.

Auburn, Ala.--Junior defensive lineman Montravius Adams answers questions about spring training following Auburn’s A-Day Game.

What differences have you seen since Coach Muschamp has gotten here?

“Really, it was just the energy. The look in everybody’s eyes as a group, he just brought something different to this group, and just fired everybody up. I am just so happy that he is here.

“I liked him when he was at Florida, but I’m glad he’s here as our defensive coordinator. He just brings so much energy to this team. His energy even helps the offense out. That’s how much energy he brings.”

How would you rate the defensive play in the A-Day game on a scale from 1-10.

“Okay, I’m going to say a seven because I know that everyone made bust or two, and we missed a couple of tackles, but pretty much overall I think that we did well. We got a lot of pressure on the quarterback.”

Talk about the defensive line in general and the depth there on the line since some of the guys have been less than full speed this spring?

“When Donatavius (Russell) comes in, and we just got (Maurice) Swain in there, I think that we are going to be really good. We don’t have a ton of depth, but we’ve got the players. That’s all we need. Coach G (Rodney Garner) is going to rotate us, and as long as everyone comes in and plays their part, then I think that we are going to do well.”

What do you expect out of the defense this season?

“Defense-wise, I expect us to be a top five defense in the SEC and in the nation. That’s my expectation this season. Everybody loves Coach (Will) Muschamp. He’s bringing that energy.”

Talk about the difference between the 3-man and the 4-man fronts, and how they affect you individually?

“Man, I like it. Coach Muschamp tries to put everybody in a position to make plays and be the best that they can be so switching from three to four, that just makes it better because the offensive linemen aren’t used to it. With a three and four (looks) they can’t just get used to you being in one spot, now they see you at nose, and then the next time they can see you at a two–or on a shoulder.”

Does anything change for you specifically when moving between the different fronts?

“Really, it isn’t too much. I want to go hard every play, and try to help my team out and get the win. Really there isn’t much to change for me.”

How much improvement do you feel you guys have made from the beginning of the spring until now?

“I think that we have improved a lot of our effort, to just try hard on every play. Also, our tackling and leverage. Overall I just think that we got better. Coverage, run-stopping…Because of that energy that Coach Muschamp brings is just helping the whole defense and firing everybody up. With that energy, we are going to continue to feed off of it and we are going to do well.”

A lot of guys really running to the ball in the spring game was noticeable. Is that something that Coach Muschamp has emphasized?

“Pretty much, yeah. You’ve got to run to the ball. If you don’t run to the ball, you won’t be in there long.”

Did you guys make the kind of progress this spring that you were looking for? “Yeah, I really think that we did. I think that we got a lot better than where we at last year’s season.”

What would you say that Coach Muschamp has brought to the team since he’s been here?

“Really I think that he’s just brought an energy to the team. He’s brought so much energy to the defense that I think that it helps our offensive guys. We are just so fired up and ready for the game. Every time that he comes and talks to the defense we just get ready to play.”

Was it good to see a low scoring A-Day game?

“Like last year, it wasn’t all that close, but you can tell this year that we’ve got a little better. That should let you know that we have gotten better. We’ve still got to work on some stuff for sure, but we’ve gotten better.”

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