Dye-Gest: Razorbacks On the Rise?

College Football Hall of Fame coach Pat Dye writes about one of Auburn's divisional foes in this edition of his Dye-Gest column

Brandon Allen (above) was impressive at quarterback in the Arkansas spring game.

After watching the Arkansas spring game over the weekend it looks like the Razorbacks are going to be an improved football team. Auburn’s road trip to Fayetteville in late October looks like it is going to be a real challenging one.

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Of course, the competition is always going to affect the way you look and Arkansas set up its spring game so it was the first teams on offense and defense playing against the backups. However, from what I saw the Razorbacks are going to field a very physical team that should be a factor in the SEC West race.

One of the reasons I believe Arkansas is going to be improved is that it looks like quarterback Brandon Allen has taken a major step forward. He threw three touchdown passes while playing just a half on Saturday and looked very sharp doing it. To me he has looked the closest to Auburn’s Jeremy Johnson of any of the SEC quarterbacks I have watched in spring games.

Arkansas did not play its top two running backs, Alex Collins and Jonathan Williams, but one of the players who stood out was another running back, Kody Walker. He is a load at around 250 pounds and rushed for 174 yards and three touchdowns in the spring game.

It looks to me like the team is three-deep at the running back position. The Razorbacks also have two big, good-looking tight ends and a couple of wideouts who can make plays.

I was also impressed with the way the defense moved around and did things in a hard-nosed, physical scrimmage. It wasn’t one of those scrimmages where people were reaching and grabbing or laying around.

With its play-action passing game this year’s Arkansas team is going to be a handful offensively and if the team comes back as good on defense as it was late in the season last year, Arkansas is going to give some folks some problems. Don’t be surprised if the Razorbacks are there in the SEC race at the end of the season. That is a tough-looking bunch of kids and there is no doubt the head coach’s personality is all over that football team.

Watching the Auburn baseball team pull off a series sweep against Georgia, it looks like the Tigers have battled their way back into contention for a chance to get to postseason play. They still have a lot of work to do and I don’t know if they are good enough to have a strong finish or not, but if this team continues to fight hard and scrap for runs. If it continues to get good pitching, the Tigers will have a chance to earn an invitation to the NCAA Tournament. If that happens Auburn fans will have two teams to follow in postseason because we know Coach Myers’ softball team is going to be there.

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