Coach's Take: Broussard A Good Fit For Tigers

Central High School coach Jamey Dubose talks about Auburn's newest commitment, cornerback John Broussard.

Phenix City, Ala.--Central High's Jamey Dubose has seen plenty of talent throughout his years as a high school football coach in Alabama. Coaching dozens of college prospects in his time at Prattville and Florence, Dubose knows what a football player looks like and said he believes Auburn is getting a very good one in newest commitment John Broussard.

“His athleticism is unreal,” Dubose says. “He has got speed, he has got size, he has got length with his arms. You’re talking about a six foot kid playing out on the perimeter with length and the ability to leap and jump. In today’s world you’ve got six foot plus wideouts running everywhere and he can actually match up with them.

“He’s got great ability with his speed to play man coverage and he’s a physical corner," the coach points out. "That’s one thing that a lot of people when they look at him don’t get is that he is physical. He can stop the run and those are areas that I think make a complete corner. I think he’s done an outstanding job of positioning himself where he is.”

Taking the job at Central High before last season, Dubose says he vividly remembers the first time he got an opportunity to see Broussard in person on the field. With his length and ability to change direction, the defensive back stood out right away because of his athleticism. It wasn’t until the Red Devils put on the pads, however, that Dubose saw exactly what the defensive back was all about on the field.

“My only question was when you see a guy like him who can run, you see a guy with length, you see a guy with his size, can he be physical enough to stop the run,” Dubose says. “Can he be a physical corner to be able to play man coverage and be able to press people at the line of scrimmage? That was something that I had to find out when we put the pads on in August and then I realized that he was a complete player and very mature.

"That’s one thing I can say about John," he adds. "I’ve had a lot of players and some of them actually are like high school players. John is almost above high school players and understands a little bit more of what’s going on and the way he carries himself and how he handles situations.”

Predicting that Broussard will play early in college on special teams at least because of his approach to the game, Dubose says he expects to see plenty of his talented defensive back on the field at Auburn early in his career. With a mind for the game and the maturity that comes from growing up around the game since his 8th grade year at Central, Broussard is a good fit for what the Tigers are looking for on defense his coach believes.

“If he gets in there in the summer and he gets in their program and he does an outstanding job in the summer, he’s a guy that could very easily be either starting or in the rotation quick in his freshman year,” Dubose says.

“John has had a plan. I think him and his dad and his family have had a plan since he entered the ninth grade and have understood what the process is and I think he’s got a plan now to get to the next level. I think you see John Broussard going and having a focus on him.

"John is not one who wants to sit," the coach adds. "John is one that I see working and doing the things that he’s got to do to get on the field and be able to play for Auburn and contribute what he needs.”

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