Holyfield Talks About His Big Cat Visit

Running back prospect Elijah Holyfield talks about his trip to Auburn.

Running back Elijah Holyfield gives his comments on his visit to Auburn’s Big Cat Weekend.

Talk about your weekend’s visit.

“I had a good time at it. I got to enjoy all of the fun stuff so it was fun.”

Walk me through your visit? When did you get to Auburn?

“I got there in morning and came and did all of the festivities and stuff like that. The cake eating contest was kind of nasty after a while, but it was all fun. I had a good time.”

Was this a different kind of visit for you? Was it like?

“Yes it is, but I’ve gotten to see this side of the coaches before. I’ve been down there a lot so I know how the coaches are, but it was definitely fun just to get to see everybody again.”

Where does Auburn stand right now because Georgia seems to be coming on strong?

“Georgia, and then I’m going to Alabama tomorrow (Sunday). I’m still going to visit Tennessee and USC so I still have a lot of stuff that I’m still going to go see so I’m not sure yet.”

What is your schedule for the rest of the summer and as far as your recruitment in general?

“Well I’m going to Alabama tomorrow and then Georgia next Saturday. I’m not sure when I am going to USC and Oregon, but I’m going sometime this summer, and I’ll get back to Tennessee, too. I’m still letting it play out because I don’t know yet so we will see.”

Who are some of the coaches that you talked to this weekend?

“I talked to all of the coaches today. I got to sit down with Coach (Gus) Malzahn and talk to him, and he just told me all of the stuff we were going to go through together. So it was a good time, it wasn’t really too much talk about football today, they tried to keep it away from football today so that was cool.”

How is your relationship with Gus Malzahn and those guys?

“It’s really good. I feel real comfortable around them, and feel like I can tell them anything and really be honest with them all the time so I feel like our relationship is really good.”

You say that you are going to have an official top five. When is that coming out?

“I’m not sure yet--probably sometime this summer. They’ll (Auburn) be in it.”

You have had these trips to Auburn throughout the Spring, which one of them has stood out?

“Every one of them I pretty much get the same thing. I know what to expect when I come here and the coaches don’t change, they are always pretty much the same people..and I like that a lot.”

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