Bolles Bullish On Tigers Following Big Cat

Garett Bolles talks about his visit for Big Cat Weekend at Auburn.

Snow, Utah--After signing just one true offensive tackle in the last two classes, the Auburn Tigers are looking for immediate help in the 2016 group and one of the players being targeted is junior college standout Garett Bolles.

A powerful player who has developed into one of the country’s best juco linemen, Bolles was on the Auburn campus for Big Cat Weekend and left impressed by the Tigers.

“To feel the love they have for me and being all the way from Utah, it’s just a great accomplishment to be there and feel the love and see the big boys play,” Bolles said. “I think the love they have (stood out to him). I like how they take the business aspect out of recruiting people and showing their love. That’s a big thing for me, love. Seeing what they have for me and what they have to offer and seeing the true colors of the coaching staff, that’s a big thing there.”

With Shon Coleman and Avery Young both possibilities to turn pro following the 2015 season, Bolles said the possible opportunity with the Tigers is definitely something that has him looking strongly at the SEC school following his visit.

“That’s a big thing,” Bolles said. “Knowing that they are struggling with tackles and me being a guy that can come in and play, that’s something I look for in every school I go to. Seeing what they have to say to me is something I look into and I’ll take more time and hopefully make my decision soon.”

If Bolles chose Auburn he would be playing for Coach J.B. Grimes on the offensive line. A veteran coach who is known for developing players up front, Grimes has obviously made an impression on the big juco tackle already.

“He’s the same dude every day,” Bolles said. “He has the same attitude every single day and that’s something big to me. I like guys that are genuine guys just like my coach at Snow College. He’s the same guy every day. You get the same thing from him and that’s what Coach J.B. Grimes has.”

Something else that could work in Auburn’s favor is Bolles’ relationship with Auburn incoming freshman Chandler Cox. Growing up in Utah before moving to Florida, Cox was a close friend of Bolles and the two speak regularly. Even though Cox wasn’t in Auburn this weekend after going back to Apopka for graduation, Bolles said the two will catch up before he heads back home.

“It’s big,” Bolles said of having Cox at Auburn. “He’s a big family friend. I haven’t seen him for a while because he left about 10 years ago, but having the relationship I have with him and talking once a week and seeing how good he is, there’s a great chance I could go there.

“He tells me is a family atmosphere there,” he added. “He said the family is all united as one. I like that and saw that today. That’s a big thing.”

Planning to visit Arizona State and Ole Miss in addition to his visit to Auburn on Saturday and an earlier visit to Alabama this week, Bolles said the Tigers are one of the schools at the top of his list at the moment and he plans to play either in the SEC or Pac 12 when he makes his decision. A May graduate, he said right now he’s just taking it all in and enjoying the moment.

“This is all new to me,” Bolles said. “I had never been recruited out of high school. Being recruited and coming to junior college and working with Coach (Rafe) Maughan and the love I have at Snow College, I’ll take my time with the visits and pull the trigger later this year.”

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