Big Video Board On Schedule for AU Football

Auburn's new state-of-the-art scoreboard project is designed to enhance the fan experience from both video and audio standpoints.

Auburn, Ala.--Auburn’s new state-of-the-art $13.9 million scoreboard is nearing completion and AU officials said on Friday that the largest video board in college football will be ready in plenty of time before Auburn’s Sept. 12th home opener vs. Jacksonville State.

“We knew last summer that the board we had in place that had been here since, I believe, 2007, was on its last legs,” said Andrew Young, Auburn’s assistant athletic director of video services.

“It had reached the end of its life and was kind of limping along through the past seasons so this project has come together quickly in terms of in the video world,” he said. “Normally something like this would take two years to get done, and we’ve been able to get it done in six to seven months.”

Andrew Young is shown as construction continues on Friday at the stadium where the Tigers play their home football games.

The new Daktronics video board above the Jordan-Hare Stadium South end zone is 57 feet high by 190 fet wide and features more than 8.7 million LEDs. The old video board was 30x74 feet.

The video board will provide instant replays, statistics, animations and advertising messages.

The stadium is shown from the east side of the new scoreboard.

Young says that the new scoreboard does “change the feel” of the stadium a little bit, but Tiger fans should not fret about that too much. “When it was going in I was worried that it was too big, but now that it’s in place it definitely fits the stadium. It kind of closes in the end zone, and I think it will create or make Jordan-Hare a better atmosphere than it already is.”

Not only has the video aspect of the stadium changed, but the audio will be different as well. The new speakers built into the scoreboard will measure 33x70 feet and will be supplemented by additional speakers in other parts of the stadium. The new speaker system will be larger than the previous video display.

Young stated that the number one complaint from fan surveys at the end of the year was the quality of the sound system. Things should be drastically different with the audio now.

“From a fan’s perspective, (the new sound system) will enhance it greatly,” said Young. “Daktronics is putting the entire video and audio structure in, and they’ve done stadiums throughout Major League Baseball, NFL, college--so they’re not new to this. They’ve been doing this for a long time. We’ve had a working relationship with Daktronics for years with our previous boards and many of our other facilities here on campus.”

A construction crew member works on the electrical system on Friday inside the scoreboard.

A scoreboard of this size cannot go without continuous maintenance and workers on hand. On gamedays Young expects it will take 42 workers to run the new audio and video system, which will double the amount of people it took to maintain the old scoreboard during a game. Young also noted that all of the people running the video board and manning the cameras for replays will be Auburn students.

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