Davidson Building Bond With AU Coaches

Marlon Davidson talks about his Sunday trip to Auburn, his bond with coaches, his future plans and more.

Greenville, Ala.--Rated the No. 6 defensive end prospect in the country for the 2015 signing class, Marlon Davidson already had a strong bond with the Auburn Tigers because of his brother Kenneth Carter being on Gus Malzahn’s staff as a defensive analyst. With the former Auburn defensive lineman very busy in his new role with the Tigers, Carter’s free time is minimal at the moment and that was much of the reason for Davidson’s trip.

While getting the chance to visit his brother was a huge reason for Sunday’s visit, Davidson said it also was another opportunity to continue building his relationships with the Auburn staff. Being recruited by Travaris Robinson with Rodney Garner also joining in, Davidson said both are guys he could see himself playing for on the next level.

“My relationship with T-Rob is getting stronger and stronger every day,” Davidson said. “Me and him talk on the phone, we talk like brothers. At the end of the day he’s a grown-up and probably going to be my coach so he could be my best friend.

“With Garner we have been talking since my brother’s senior year so we’ve been had a great relationship,” he added. “He talks like a dad to me and every day I get closer and closer with him. Hopefully I’ll get closer and closer with more coaches like that along the way.”

The visit came on the heels of a trip to Athens on Saturday to check out the Georgia Bulldogs. Spending time with Coach Mark Richt and his staff, Davidson said it was an enjoyable time.

“It was pretty good,” Davidson said of Georgia. “It was a great experience being around all the Georgia coaches and Mark Richt. I saw a lot of people that I had been around at camps. We were just sitting down having fun and playing hackey sack and doing all types of things, just really having a laid-back day.”

Visiting colleges and getting a better feel for his favorites is the goal for Davidson as he continues to move towards a possible December decision and early graduation from high school. Planning to visit Alabama this week and back at Auburn next weekend, Davidson said he also has Clemson, Florida and possibly LSU as well before getting his senior season underway.

Looking for the best fit in terms of school, coaching staff and future teammates, Davidson said he plans to visit both Auburn and Alabama officially this fall, but after that he’s still up in the air on his trips.

“I know I’m going to take my in-state schools,” Davidson said. “I’m going to reach out to Florida and Michigan and USC because I know I’m going to go around to the colleges around the South. Those would be the longer trips and it’s to make sure I get up there.”

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