Big East Tackle Likes Tigers

Lucas Niang discusses his visit to Auburn and what he likes about the Tigers.

New Canaan, CT--A massive offensive tackle prospect, Lucas Niang made a visit to the South this week to check out the Auburn Tigers and left very impressed by what he saw. Working out at Thursday’s camp after arriving on Wednesday, Niang said getting to spend time with Gus Malzahn and J.B. Grimes along with seeing Auburn’s campus made for a very enjoyable experience.

“It was definitely a good visit, it was worthwhile, and I enjoyed myself,” Niang said. “I saw some interesting things. I got to talk to the coaches. We saw all the colleges, but I still haven’t made up my mind on what I want to study. I saw the stadium and the new scoreboard and it was massive.”

Picking up an offer from the Tigers before he ever stepped foot on the practice fields, Niang said Auburn told him they want to keep after him because he’s a good fit for what they do on offense. Much of that came in his discussions with Grimes, Auburn’s offensive line coach. Niang said after getting the opportunity to sit down with him as well as work with him in the camp that Grimes is someone he could see himself playing for.

“He’s definitely a good coach,” Niang said of Grimes. “At first I didn’t really know him or what I was working with, but after working with him today I definitely learned a lot. He fixes all of the little details and makes you a better athlete.”

Adding that Auburn and Boston College are two of the teams very high on his list at the moment with a visit planned to check out Miami before his senior season Niang said the Tigers made a move for him even though he already had a good feeling about the program.

“They are definitely a lot higher than they were before because I didn’t know much about the school,” Niang said. “I just had Miska telling me everything. Now I have been there I really like the school and it’s much higher.”

The Miska that Niang referred to is former Auburn linebacker Jason Miska. Now an assistant coach at New Canaan High, Miska has fond memories of his time with the Tigers. He also made the trek from Connecticut to Auburn, something Niang would have to do as well if he chose the Tigers. Even though it’s a long way from home the offensive tackle said that’s not a concern for him.

“I don’t think it will be a factor,” Niang said. “So far it hasn’t really bothered me because I’m going to spend most of my time there anyway.”

Planning to visit Auburn sometime this fall Niang said at the moment he’s focusing on narrowing down his list to a top three or four heading into his senior season.

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