5-Star Defensive Tackle Talks About AU Trip

Five-star defensive tackle Derrick Brown made a return visit to spend time with the Auburn coaches.

Buford, Ga.--Colleges are willing to wait on five-star defensive tackles and the ones in the mix look with Derrick Brown look like they are going to have to do that to the very end.

The class of 2016 prospect spent a laid-back Saturday in Auburn hanging out with other recruits and coaches while attending a picnic and touring campus facilities. Brown said it was an enjoyable, laid-back, no-pressure event.

Pointing out that Auburn is one of his favorites, the 6-4, 322-pounder said he is taking his time with his college choice and won’t make his official visits until January when his senior season at Lanier High is done. He isn’t planning to announce his college choice until national signing day.

“I am looking for the place that fits me academically and a place where I feel comfortable,” he said. “I don’t want to get there and feel like I want to leave my first year.”

The recruit said he doesn’t have a leader, but added, “Auburn is definitely at the top--they are one of my top schools.” Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama are also on that list.

“Right now I am focused on my senior season,” he said. “There is always something you can work on. For me it is working to improve my quickness off the ball and being able to use my hands more. I want to still be strong, but not use so much of a bull rush by using my hands more.”

Brown said he is taking care of business in the classroom. He noted that he is making “A’s and B’s” and is interested in business marketing as a collegiate major.

Commenting on his Saturday in Auburn, the five-star recruit said it was a relaxing day to hang out with the coaches and his family. “I brought my mom, dad, brother, sister and my girlfriend. They liked it being able to talk to everybody.”

Derrick Brown is one of the nation's top prospects this season.

Brown was at Auburn in the spring for the Big Cat Weekend for prospects, which he said was livelier and more fun with a lot of competitions involved. “There were a lot more people there at Big Cat,” he said. “Today it was just relaxing.”

Spending time with Auburn’s defensive line coach, Rodney Garner, the message of why the Tigers consider him a high priority recruit was clear. “They need defensive linemen at Auburn,” Brown said. “That is the bottom line.”

He said that the relationship with Auburn’s coaches is “good” and added, “We can talk to each other and my parents like them a lot, and that is the big thing.”

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