Marlon Davidson Breaks Down Upcoming Decision

Class of 2016 defensive end Marlon Davidson discusses his upcoming commitment and talks about what he's looking for in a school and the challenge of being in an Auburn-Alabama battle in this report that includes video from Thursday's practice with his high school team.

Greenville, Ala.--Ready to get his decision out of the way so he can concentrate on his senior season at Greenville High, four-star defensive lineman Marlon Davidson will choose between a group of several top programs at a ceremony on Sept. 4. While he admits he’ll still take visits and continue to check out schools following his decision, he said it was important for him to take this first step.

“I wanted to get it over with because there is going to be so much on me with the season,” Davidson said. “I think once the season gets over with I’ll be able to get back into recruiting more often and get to more games. As of right now I just wanted to go ahead and get a team and have that in my head. I’m still going to be open because I’m not going to sign any papers, but it’s just about getting it narrowed down for real.

“It’s too much on me,” he added. “It’s too much on my coaches and teammates to be dealing with college coaches every day. I’m just going to go ahead and get it narrowed down just to help my team and help me out for my football season.”

Making the decision early to take some of the pressure off is just one of the reasons for Davidson’s early announcement. Another part of the equation for him is giving his future team a little boost heading into the 2015 season.

“I just decided to do it that day because it’s the day before college football starts,” Davidson said. “I wanted a team to have happiness on their face when they go play their first game.”

A four-star prospect and the No. 6 defensive end in the country, Davidson has offers from all over the country heading into his announcement in two three weeks. With Auburn, Alabama, Florida State, Georgia and LSU among the schools he’s very interested in, Davidson said there isn’t a list of favorites at the moment.

Even though he says there isn’t a top group there is no doubt that both the in-state schools are going to be very much in the discussion for him until the very end. Living in a state with two top national program, Davidson said there are positives and negatives about being in the middle of an Auburn-Alabama battle.

“Of course, there’s a lot of pressure,” Davidson said. “I’m in between two of the best schools in the nation. You’ve got Auburn coming back up after their national championship years. You’ve got Alabama winning national championships. It’s just crazy because those are the two teams in my state coming after me. It’s more pressure with those two schools than any other schools.

“It’s also a positive because God blessed me with this talent,” he added. “He blessed me with the schools and the grades and everything else. I just have to go out there and perform for Him. That’s how I do it.”

Saying that the coaches, teammates, education and the fit for him at the school are the most important things he’s looking for, Davidson said both Auburn and Alabama have plenty of positives in those areas for him to consider.

With Auburn it starts with having his older brother Kenneth Carter as part of Auburn’s coaching staff. That’s a big plus for the Tigers, but Davidson said that’s just the beginning of why he feels so at home on the Plains.

“It’s like they all knew each other before,” Davidson said of Auburn’s defensive staff that consists of Will Muschamp, Rodney Garner, Travaris Robinson and Lance Thompson. “It’s like they are brothers. They can sit in a room and talk all day and just have a great time.

" It’s amazing because you never think coaches really get along like that. Coaches just sit down in the defensive room and just talk. That’s the coaches I want to surround myself with. Those are coaches I would love to be around.

“With that being said if I could have any other school do the same thing I would love to come to your school. If your coaches get along, and me and you get along, and you’re great coaches that I think can take me to the next level and help me reach my goals, I would go to that school no doubt.”

Talking about Alabama, Davidson said everything with the Crimson Tide starts with his relationship with the coaching staff in Tuscaloosa.

“My connections there are great,” Davidson said. “I have Kirby Smart, I have Bo Davis, I have all those guys there coming at me and chirping at me and talk, just trying to get my understanding of what it takes to get me up there. They want to know ‘do I have to sit down with you? Discussions?’ Anything they’ll do it.”

Planning to make his decision in front of the school at 11:30 a.m. CDT on Sept. 4 Davidson said for him it’s going to be another way to honor his mother. The leader of the family, Cynthia Carter passed away in February and this is a time that Davidson said even though she’s not around it won’t keep him from leaning on her for support.

“It’s going to be very tough,” Davidson said. “I’m just going to do it in my mother’s name. I’m going to talk it over with her the week before and I’m going to pray and ask her for the school to give me. That’s going to be the school.”

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