White "Super Comfortable" Running Offense

Auburn quarterback Sean White talks about his development at the position, his athleticism and much more.

Auburn, Ala.--While Jeremy Johnson has already been named Auburn's starting quarterback heading into the 2015 season, the No. 2 guy at the position is always important. Fortunately for the Tigers redshirt freshman Sean White is on the job and appears ready to lead the offense if called upon this year.

"I'm just more comfortable, more mature with the offense," White said of his progression following a year of watching Nick Marshall and Jeremy Johnson. "I think I said in the spring, it’s not more about what can I do on this play? Now I can really look at the defense and decide what’s the best place to attack them and stuff like that so I really think of it as I’m super comfortable with the offense. Now it’s just about going and playing.”

Moving up the quarterback ladder now that Marshall is trying to make a living in the National Football League, White said that one of the things he has learned is that every day is important in terms of development. With the backup quarterback always a play away from being the man he said it makes you push to be prepared for if and when your time comes to get in the action.

“I would say just stay ready," White said about what he's working on this preseason. "It’s the first season where I got a realistic shot at helping the team. I've got to be ready. I got to come to practice every day.

"I’m going to get a lot of reps so I got to come to practice every day working hard and ready to go because I can’t have—quarterbacks can’t have off days. Coach (Rhett) Lashlee tells us that. Not that they want any position to have an off day, but if there’s one that definitely can’t it’s the quarterbacks because how they go the whole team goes, so just bring it every day in practice.”

Watching as Johnson has stepped fully into the role of a leader for the Tigers, White said for him the focus is about doing his job and continuing to improve his craft. Adding that he feels like he can get the job done if called upon to run the entire offense, White said he's just ready to see what this Auburn team is all about as the Tigers prepare for their Sept. 5th opener vs. Louisville.

"I feel ready to go," he said. "Every day I'm preparing myself like the starter. That's what I've got to do and I'm learning from Jeremy everything that he does, whether it's footwork, little tips with the offense, anything. I'm learning from him. I'm ready to go if something happen to Jeremy. I'm very confident I can go out there and perform well."

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