Muschamp Talks Gameday Assignments For Staff

Will Muschamp discusses where his defensive coaches will be on gamedays and why.

Auburn, Ala.--While there are still some position battles happening on both sides of the ball for the Auburn Tigers there have already been some decision made, but not on the field. Back on the Plains as Auburn’s defensive coordinator, Will Muschamp has made a decision on which coaches will be on the field and which guys will be upstairs in the press box when the Tigers take on Louisville to open the season.

Always on the field as a coordinator, Muschamp will continue that role and will be joined on the field by Rodney Garner and Travaris Robinson. That puts assistant Lance Thompson in the box along with Graduate Assistant Blake Gideon. Muschamp said the group just makes sense based on what he believes you need both on the field and upstairs to get the job done effectively.

“You always want your defensive line coach down from a standpoint of pass rush games and protections that change,” Muschamp said. “You want to have always have somebody on the secondary down and somebody on the middle level down, and generally the other guy who does a good job.

“Lance does a good job in the box. He has been in the box for me before and he does a really good job of seeing blocking schemes. We have everybody’s eyes assigned, whether it is the passing game, protections, run game of what they are supposed to look at and after each series we try to review the previous series and preview the next series for our players.

“It is an operation that everybody has to be watching right--they are not up there watching the ball. They are watching the point of attack, where their eyes need to be.”

Something that should work in Auburn’s favor this fall is the familiarity both Thompson and Gideon already have with Muschamp’s defense. That’s something he said is important because it allows them to transition without much of a problem, but it hasn’t stopped them from getting plenty of work already to make sure they are ready on Sept. 5.

“The biggest thing is the terminology and the communication is the same so you have a lot of carryover from them on what they know I want on game day and those sort of things,” Muschamp said. “Lance and I have done that before.

“Certainly, Blake was with us at Florida so he understands that process as well. We have done that in every scrimmage this fall camp. We have operated like game day because it is new for us. It should run smoothly.”

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