Auburn Officials Discussing Seating Upgrades

Auburn Athletic Director Jay Jacobs said making Jordan-Hare Stadium a better place to watch a football game from is a high priority that is being discussed this week.

Auburn’s athletic director, Jay Jacobs, said he was part of meetings on Tuesday that are focused on ways to upgrade the seating at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

“We are still working on a renovation of the north end zone,” said Jacobs when asked about the home of the Auburn football team, a facility that holds 87,451 fans, making it the 11th largest on-campus stadium in the country.

“We are still looking at that to see if the pro forma works and we can enhance the game day experience for everyone, and do something in the north end,” he said. “That is what I would like to do.”

Auburn will open its home football schedule on Saturday at 11 a.m. vs. Jacksonville State. Jacobs said that AU is on the verge of announcing a sellout for all of its home games before kickoff on Saturday. He noted the only seats left for any home games are ones that Ole Miss was unable to sell for its contest at Jordan-Hare Stadium on Oct. 31.

Jay Jacobs

Despite the demand for tickets this year, the athletic director said that the university is not considering revisions to the stadium that would significantly change the seating capacity.

“With the competition from television, and so many other things that people do, we have to be smart about what we do next,” Jacobs said.

“Our plan would not involve adding a lot of seats. It would be enhancing the current seats we have and trying to create some amenities for fans who sit in seats throughout the stadium, whether it is a place to get out of the heat, get out of the cool, get a cup of hot chocolate, whatever it may be, or a place to socialize, which is so popular here at Auburn.

“We need to try to enhance all of those things to try to make the game day experience better, but we will do it based on a business model,” the athletic director added.

Noting there is demand for additional premium seating with requests for those spots at an all-time high, Jacobs predicted there will be upgrades made at the stadium, but said no decisions have been made on exactly what will be done. “I think we will end up there in some form or fashion,” he said. “I am excited about what I?have seen so far.”

Demand exceeding supply for the premium seating at Jordan-Hare Stadium has been going on for many years. “We have sold more of what we call our scholarship club level seats in the stands than what we have ever sold before so people are buying a seat, and paying a premium for it, and sitting in the bowl of the stadium,” Jacobs said. “We continue to have that challenge, which is a good challenge to have.”

Seven of Auburn’s 11 regular season games are scheduled for Jordan-Hare Stadium, which features a major upgrade this year with a new video board, a new sound system and new ribbon boards on the east and west stands.

Construction crews worked all day and all night this spring and much of the summer making sure the south end zone scoreboard project would be ready for Saturday's home opener.

Overall, the project cost right at $14 million with the majority of the money going into the scoreboard in the south end zone that holds an LED video board that is 190 feet wide and 57 feet tall, the largest at any college stadium in the country.

“In our goal to have the best game day experience in the nation and the best student-athlete experience in the nation, we have to keep pushing every day, but we are going to do it with a business mind,” Jacobs said. “We are going to do what makes sense to Auburn--what makes sense financially.

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