Jason Caldwell

Jason Caldwell from Inside The Auburn Tigers answers questions about the Auburn Tigers as they get ready for Jacksonville State

We answer your questions in this week's mailbag as the Auburn Tigers get ready to face Jacksonville State.

eagle70: What would like to see out of the QB position in week 2?

The biggest thing is just to settle into the offense and play his game. Last week Jeremy was pressing too much and one thing Gus Malzahn always talks about is “taking what the defense gives you”. That’s what I want to see this week.


hoochtiger: How do you see the running back carries divided this week?

I think Peyton Barber will get the bulk of the carries with possibly Roc Thomas and Jovon Robinson getting a few. Still not sure we’ll see either one of them in my opinion. This week will be the chance for Kerryon Johnson to show what he can do.


TIGER45: I was very disappointed in the containment issues that our defense had last weekend. Hopefully CWM will have that straightened out by this next game. Isn't LSU's quarterback, Harris, pretty elusive?

I think much of the containment issues had to do with a first-time quarterback that was very, very fast. They got out of contain a few times because of alignment with the young guys, something Will Muschamp said they worked on this week. Brandon Harris is elusive, but nothing like Lamar Jackson.


alcar7: Mark asked us so let's ask you: who surprised you the most in a positive way for game 1? Who surprised negatively?

The biggest surprise positively was probably Dontavius Russell. I thought he would be good, but his explosion was even better than I expected. On the negative side it’s definitely Jeremy Johnson. He just tried to push to the ball down the field too much, something that just doesn’t work well unless you’re getting one-on-one situations.


GVilleTiger28: Jason: I noticed on saturday that you were wearing one of the event  photographer bibs that all photogs wear at big events. Anytime you go to a alrge sporting even...all of the photogs have on a numbered bib. What is the purpose of this? security only? please explain, I've always wondered this.

That is a good question. I suppose it’s more for controlling the sidelines because you have to check in and show that you have proper equipment. In theory it’s supposed to keep people off the sidelines using their phones, etc. but that never works anyway.

wcvet: Which player we have not seen much of yet, has the potential to be a major contributor this year on either side of the ball.?

We saw a glimpse of Jason Smith on Saturday and I think he’s got a chance to have a major impact on the season. He’ll be used in the passing game and running game before all is said and done, and should be a big-play threat.

WSlay: Devaroe Lawrence appeared to play well in limited snaps.  Do you see him and/or Swain getting more PT?

I think both Devaroe and Swain will continue to see their time increase throughout the season. This weekend is a big opportunity for both to see some serious playing time and just continue to get more comfortable on this level. They’ll need both to become key contributors this season.


jimbo15: Many have suggested that Gus doesnt want his QB's "checking down" in the early part of the season.   In Johnson's post game he said (paraphrasing) ' I didnt make good reads/ check downs' so, what is it?   Just a young QB trying to force too much or was he "handcuffed' into certain throws and told not to run?

There is no question that Jeremy always has the option to throw the ball away and at a minimum that should have happened on at least one of the interceptions. As for checking down I wouldn’t be surprised if some of that was limited in the opener, but in the end the QB can’t force throws. If it’s not open then throw it away or run, which he has the option to do as well.


cletisthecat: 1) Muschamp seems genuinely happy to be back in Auburn this year (nephew also a walk-on). Do you feel he will stay with us for 3 years? 2) Do you feel / think T-Rob can become a D Coordinator that can step-in post Muschamp!

I have no idea how long Muschamp will stay, but there’s no question he’s happy back at Auburn and being a coordinator. As for T Rob he’ll be a great coordinator when the time comes.


wtbtiger: Did Cameron Toney play LB on Saturday tight. Do you see a shake coming in some of the defensive positions.

Cameron Toney didn’t play any on Saturday at the Buck position, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get some work this weekend. I believe Jeff Holland will get a ton of work first, but Toney could get some snaps as well with Raashed Kennion in the mix behind Carl Lawson.


WarDamnBoom: The fake to the speed sweep seemed very off- not much of a fake compared to last year. Was that by design due to new players and not wanting to cause a fumble, or where they just off on timing?

No doubt in my mind the snaps were a little off with Austin Golson in his first-ever game at center. A few times Ricardo Louis had to slow down or almost stop, throwing the timing off some. It’s something that will get better with more experience for Golson.


aunatchamps: Will Trayvon Reed play basketball  this year for Auburn? What is his status with the team?

I think Reed’s status is questionable at the moment as to whether or not he’ll be with the Tigers this year. They are working through some things with him and it’s very much up in the air at the moment.


donush: This may have already been discussed, sorry if i just missed it. With the debut of the video screen this weekend. My question is, what is the insurance premium on the screen?

Not sure what the insurance is on the board, but I would guess I wouldn’t want the bill coming to me!!!


ATLtiger07: Who wears #99? I saw them come in on the OL at one point against Louisville and couldn't figure out who it was.

Junior offensive lineman Will Adams wore 99 last week and got in some as the tight end in short yardage situations for the Tigers.


freebird1: What was your impression of both Offense and Defensive line play after the first game.

I thought the first-team defensive line was tremendous and played on the Louisville side of the line of scrimmage for much of the first half. The second group has to improve, but that’s why they’re second team guys right now. Byron Cowart has a chance to be special.

On the offensive line things looked really good with the exception of the holding calls. Much of those were due to protection calls being a little off, again something that should improve with experience and cohesiveness with the group.

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