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Auburn Athletic Director Says New $78.1 Million Deal With Under Armour Is "Vitally Important"

Auburn has signed a new deal with Under Armour worth a total of $78.1 million the university and Under Armour announced on Thursday. The new agreement runs through the 2024-25 academic year.

Safety Tray Matthews  (above) is decked out in Under Armour gear for an Auburn football game.

Auburn, Ala.--Athletic Director Jay Jacobs said on Thursday that Auburn's  new agreement with Under Armour is the best apparel/product deal for any SEC team program and one of the top deals in the nation.

Auburn and Under Armour jointly announced a new deal that commits the university’s teams to wear the company’s apparel and shoes through June 30, 2025, a contract worth a total of $78.1 million.

The breakdown of the deal includes $22.5 million in cash sent to AU in annual payments, $40.5 million worth of product, $10 million in stock, $4.5 million in royalties and $675,000 for marketing.

“It is the strongest apparel and footwear deal in the conference,” Jacobs said. “It ranks as one of the top five in the nation. The impact on our student-athletes and coaches was of most importance to me during our negotiations because we will have the best student-athlete experience.

“The new deal elevates our allotment of Under Armour products to a new level,” said Jacobs, who pointed out under the previous deal the university was spending up to $300,000 per year for additional gear not covered in the contract that was worth an average of $3.65 million per year, according to AU?officials. “Even with that spending there was still a need for additional product,” Jacobs said.

“It was important to me to make sure every single one of our student-athletes across all 21 sports had the best possible apparel, footwear deal they could possibly have so they can have a great experience here at Auburn," Jacobs said.

“I especially wanted to make sure that our Olympic athletes had the same world class products as any other school in the nation,” added Jacobs, who said the deal is “vitally important to what we are trying to do here.”

The athletic director said all Auburn teams will wear Under Armour gear with the exception of products the company doesn’t make such as gear for the swimming teams and shoes for the volleyball team.

“From a recruiting standpoint the Under Armour brand is a difference-maker,” Jacobs said. “Young athletes love Under Armour gear and I appreciate the company’s commitment to developing innovative products to give us an advantage in recruiting and competition.”

Jacobs said that Auburn talked with other companies about a deal, but said the nine-year deal from Under Armour is the one AU preferred. Notre Dame’s 10-year deal with Under Armour worth $90 million for 10 years is considered to be the top one in collegiate athletics, topping a 10-year, $82 million deal Michigan has with adidas.

“We had an exclusive negotiating period with Under Armour and we fully exercised that,” Jacobs said. “After that period ended we did reach out to some other companies, some other apparel and footwear providers, but when it call came back around it was obvious that Under Armour was the best partner for us.”

The cash Auburn receives will start at $2.1 million annually and will increase $100,000 per year through the end of the contract.

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