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Stat Tiger Report Card: Auburn 35, San Jose State 21

Stuart Carter (StatTiger) crunches the numbers and grades Auburn's performance on offense, defense and special teams vs. San Jose State University.

Sean White (13) and Peyton Barber (25) (above) celebrate an Auburn touchdown.

Auburn, Ala.--Stuat Carter (StatTiger) grades Auburn's performance in its 35-21 Homecoming victory over San Jose State University on Saturday at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

As you will see, Auburn had a passing grade in 2 of 3 phases, but the game never felt like Auburn had complete control until the final turnover was forced. Speaking of turnovers, since 1996 Auburn has won every game they had a +4 turnover margin by an average scoring margin of 24 points. If not for the turnovers, special teams play and Peyton Barber, this game would have likely ended in a loss for the Tigers. Once again, Gus Malzahn elected to be extremely conservative against an inferior opponent. Auburn finished with 21 run-plays on 23 first-down snaps (91.3%) as Sean White threw the football only 10 times.

  During the last five possessions of the game Auburn ran the ball 33 times to just four pass attempts. Once again, Auburn struggled to run the football during the first-half. The Tigers entered the game with 66% of their rushing yardage coming during the second-half. Against San Jose State, 71.3% of the rushing yardage came during the second-half. Auburn's first-down play production continued to sputter, primarily because of conservative play-calling. During the first half, Auburn gained 19 yards on 11 first down runs and 42 yards on one pass attempt. The botched out & up pass-play to Ricardo Louis revealed the limited "one-route" pass-play on a 3rd & 9 situation. For whatever reason, Auburn's coaches have no confidence in their pass offense, regardless who is taking the snaps.

  Kudos to the Auburn players for their effort in the game. The offensive players played hard despite having a limited game plan. It was sad to see Duke Williams celebrating the most after recovering a late onside kick by San Jose State. Williams was targeted only two times during the game. Though the loss of Carl Lawson has truly hurt the defense, the DL should not be pushed around as much as they were against a San Jose State team. Auburn came away with the victory, but it would be a fallacy to say the team improved this week. The effort was there and the coaches have not lost the team in this regard. With that being said, the schemes we witnessed today on offense and the struggles by the defense would not have defeated any of the remaining conference opponents scheduled down the road. 

Game #5 Statistical Evaluation (San Jose State Game)

Offensive Report Card

01) Avg 6-yards per play on 1st down: [5.69] fail
02) Convert at least 40% of 3rd downs:  [54.5%] pass
03) Avg at least 4.5 yards per rush:  [4.87] pass
04) Score on at least 1/3 of possessions:  [50.0%] pass
05) Keep 3 and out series under 33%:  [30.0%] pass 
06) Average 8.0 yards per pass attempt: [10.8 yds] pass
07) Score at least 75% inside red zone:  [80.0%] pass
08) TD red zone above 60%:  [80.0%] pass 
09) Avg at least 30-yards per possession:  [34.2 yds] pass
10) 40% of offensive snaps part of scoring drives:  [53.4%] pass
11) TD / Turnover ratio above 1.6:  [5 / 0] pass
12) TD ratio of at least 1 every 17 snaps:  [11.6] pass
13) At least 8 impact plays:  [5] fail
14) At least 2 big plays:  [3] pass
15) Pass rating of at least 126.3:  [150.7] pass 

Score:  13 of 15 (86.7%) Pass

Defensive Report Card:

01) Avg under 6-yards per play on 1st down: [5.55] pass
02) Convert below 35% of 3rd downs:  [50.0%] fail
03) Avg at least 4.0 yards per rush:  [4.79] fail
04) Score  1/3 of possessions or below:  [30.0%] pass 
05) Keep 3 and out series above 33%:  [0.0%] fail 
06) Average below 7.5 yards per pass attempt: [6.79 yds] pass
07) Score below 75% inside red zone:  [100.0%] fail
08) TD red zone below 60%:  [100.0%] fail 
09) Avg under 30-yards per possession:  [40.6 yds] fail
10) Less than 40% of offensive snaps part of scoring drives:  [43.7%] fail
11) TD / Turnover ratio below 1.6:  [3 / 4] pass
12) TD ratio of at least 1 every 30 snaps:  [23.7] fail
13) Less than 8 impact plays:  [8] fail
14) No more than 2 big plays allowed: [0] pass
15) Pass rating below 125.0:  [118.5] pass


* Bonus point for 4 forced turnovers

Score:  7 of 15 (46.7%) Fail 

Special Teams Report Card:

1) Punt Average (Above 41.3):  [40.5] 2/2 inside 20  (pass)
2) Punt Return Defense (Below 7.8 YPR): [0.0] pass
3) Punt Return Offense (Above 9.8 YPR): [0.0] fail
4) Kick-Return Defense (Below 21.2 YPR): [29.5] fail
5) Kick-Return Offense (Above 22.3 YPR): [47.3] pass
6) PAT’s (100%): [5 of 5] Pass
7) FG Pct (75% or above): [0/2] fail


* Bonus point for giving Auburn offense 3 short fields.

Score: 5 of 7 (71.4%) pass


* Keep in mind that above 50% is a passing score. 



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