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Auburn Freshman Center In Position to Contribute Early for Bruce Pearl's Tigers.

Horace Spencer is a newcomer for the Auburn basketball Tigers who has a chance to be an immediate contributor.

Auburn, Ala.--A freshman who is positioning himself for major playing time for Coach Bruce Pearl’s Auburn basketball team, Horace Spencer says he feels likes his collegiate experience is off to a positive start.

“I am starting to adjust to the coaching system,” he tells Inside the Auburn Tigers. “I am enjoying playing with the guys. I am enjoying Coach Bruce Pearl. He is a smart coach and Coach Chuck (associate head coach Chuck Person) is a smart coach, too. I am enjoying the system and the guys. Everything is good so far.”

Asked what he is focusing on as the Tigers prepare for their first exhibition game on Oct. 30th, Spencer says, “I am working on my defensive rotations. I am trying to be in the right places. With my offensive game I am working on my jump shot and am trying to get everything down pat.”

Spencer, who played at Findlay Prep in Henderson, Nev., last season, has added size since then and is 6-9, 220 pounds. “I have gained at least 10 or 15 pounds since I have been here while working with Coach D (Damon Davis) every day,” he points out. “I am trying to get my body to a pro body.”

Asked if he has been following a special diet to help gain weight, he says, “Not as much as I should, but I eat in the Wellness Kitchen every day to help me add body mass.”

Horace Spencer, a four-star recruit, is from the Philadelphia area.

Pearl says he likes the energy that Spencer has shown in the practice and the center’s ability to quickly get up and down the court.

“Me running the floor is a big part of our offense,” the freshman says. “By doing that it gives me more looks. It is also important for me to get back on defense and protect the rim as a shot blocker.”

Asked about how the team chemistry is in Pearl’s second season as coach of the Tigers, Spencer says, “So far so good. We are building it every day we are in the gym. Away from the gym we all hang out together all of the time.”

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