Karamo Dioubate Discusses His Visit To Auburn And The Message From The Tigers

Four-star defensive lineman Karamo Dioubate talks about his visit to Auburn and what the Tigers had to say.

Philadelphia, Penn.--A four-star defensive lineman and current Penn State commitment, big Karamo Dioubate took an official visit to Auburn over the weekend and left with a good feeling about the Tigers. Spending time with Gus Malzahn, his recruiting coach Lance Thompson, as well as defensive line coach Rodney Garner, Dioubate said his first look at Auburn went well.

“It was nice,” Dioubate said. “On a scale from 1-10 I would give it a seven or an eight. it was a fun trip.”

Getting the opportunity to sit down with Garner and Thompson and talk about their plans with the Tigers, Dioubate said he enjoyed that experience after Thompson has been relentless in his recruiting since this summer.

“They are great people,” Dioubate said.

Still not sure of his future visit plans with his signing not until February, Dioubate said he’s still committed to Penn State at the moment but wouldn’t say how far Auburn is behind following his trip.

“That’s too hard to say,” Dioubate added saying it’s something he’ll have to discuss with his family.

Sitting down with Malzahn before his departure from Auburn on Sunday, Dioubate said the head coach had some good advice for him concerning his decision and also about what the Tigers see in him.

“He just told me to pick somewhere I’m comfortable and to be around good people,” Dioubate said. “(He told me) It’s a great program that is missing key parts to becoming national champs.”

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