Dye-Gest Column: Talking Cam & Bham Bowl

College Football Hall of Fame coach Pat Dye writes about Cam Newton and Auburn's bowl game in the Christmas edition of his Dye-Gest column.

It’s Christmas time and everyone is getting into the spirit of the holiday, but there are other parts of life that still go on, including football.

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I have been watching Cam Newton play all season and the more I watch the more impressed I am with what he is doing this year in the National Football League. Cam is playing the same way for the Carolina Panthers as he did during his time at Auburn. Making clutch plays with games on the line is nothing new for the big quarterback.

Something that stands out beyond what he is doing on the playing field is his community involvement in the Charlotte area. He is having a positive impact on a lot of young people plus others, too, both close to where he plays football and across the country.

There not a more dominant figure on the American sports scene right now than Cam. It is refreshing to see somebody of his stature having so much fun playing the game and conducting himself the right way at the same time. That is not always the case with superstars.

There are a lot of great quarterbacks in the NFL, but none are any more impressive than Cam and none are doing more of the things that it takes to win football games. With his passing and running ability, combined with his mental toughness and will to win, Cam is a lot of fun to watch. He has made me into a Carolina Panthers fan and I really enjoying watching his team play. My guess is a lot of other Auburn folks feel the same way.

Catching up on the Auburn Tigers, I like what I am reading and hearing from the players as they prepare to play Memphis in the Birmingham Bowl. From every indication this team is serious about playing well to close the season and that is what the Tigers will need to do to facing an opponent that has a 9-3 record and a strong offense.

For the seniors who will be playing in their last game for Auburn, they have been through up and down times during their four seasons, but they have yet to win a bowl game. I think that is certainly something that will motivate them to play well in Birmingham. It’s also one last chance to represent themselves and their university, and do it on national television. A win could build positive momentum for next season so I am sure the coaches are doing their best to have their team focused for this game.

I hope there is a good turnout of Auburn fans to support the team and I hope Auburn folks everywhere have a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.

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