Dye-Gest: Super Honor & Super Bowl

Hall of Fame football coach Pat Dye writes about the Super Bowl and an Auburn graduate being selected for the NFL's Hall of Fame.

After watching this year’s Super Bowl game, I have to give the Broncos a lot of credit for the way they played. Their defense was very impressive and did not give Cam Newton a chance to pull out a victory, but just as importantly Newton’s teammates didn’t give the Panthers a chance to win that football game. The quarterback was sacked six times and he was under pressure all of the time.

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Cam also was hindered by his wide receivers not making plays, which allowed the Broncos to get away with putting more guys at the line of scrimmage than the Panthers could block. It came down to the receivers not being able to consistently beat man-to-man coverage.

Carolina’s defense played well, too, and really and truly each offense scored just 10 points on Sunday. You knew going into the game that Denver wasn’t as good offensively as a lot of teams the Panthers had played, but you certainly expected to see more production out of Carolina’s offense in the Super Bowl. The Panthers never slowed down the pass rush from Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware, which is why the game ended up like it did.

I know that loss had to really sting for Cam, but he was named Most Valuable Player of the league for a reason and he will weather the storm.

While the weekend finished with disappointment for the former Auburn quarterback, it was a special one for Kevin Greene, who is one of six players selected to the class of new inductees for the National Football League Hall of Fame.

I am really happy for Kevin, who played at a high level for us at Auburn. An interesting note about him is that he is the all-time NFL sack leader among outside linebackers and No. 3 overall behind Bruce Smith and Reggie White. He had a tremendous pro football career and being named to the hall of fame is a big honor for Kevin and it is a well deserved one.

When he first joined the Auburn football team as a walk-on, Kevin was not a big guy, but he went to work in the weight room and built himself into a man. One thing that stands out about him is that he had that extra edge, a burning desire to succeed, something that great players have. You could see that in the Super Bowl with those two Denver guys consistently rushing the passer. Kevin played with the same type of relentless effort, excellent leverage and he understood how to play the game.

Meanwhile, Auburn’s football players will soon be back on the field with spring practice starting the first of March, which is earlier than normal. However, I think that makes sense this year. With the new coaches on the defensive staff the sooner the players get out on the field and build chemistry with those guys, the better it will be the 2016 team. The same is true with the offense as the Tigers try to figure out who their quarterback is going to be this season.

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