Get To Know Auburn Baseball Pitcher Gabe Klobosits

Catching up with junior college transfer pitcher Gabe Klobosits as the Tigers get ready for the 2016 baseball season.

Auburn, Ala.--One of the newcomers expected to make a big impact for the Auburn Tigers this baseball season is junior college transfer Gabe Klobosits. A 6-7, 260 right-hander from Katy, Tex., by way of Galveston Junior College, Klobosits heads into the year as a player that could be in the weekend rotation for Butch Thompson's Tigers.

Drafted in the 25th round by the Boston Red Sox following his freshman season in junior college, Klobosits was 15-2 over two years at Galveston and that experience should give him a great head start as he prepares for life in the SEC. After being shut down in the fall to rest his arm the power pitcher is back on the mound and ready to go. Learn more about Klobosits in this Q and A:

Talk about the transition from junior college to Auburn. You didn’t get to throw in the fall so it has made this preseason pretty important for you.

“Coming from juco to D1 the competition is better and the game speeds up. You’ve got to be more refined with your pitches. Getting shut down in the fall was a setback, but I have worked real hard in rehab and coming back through two outings I’m just really trying to work hard. I’m trying to figure out my own routine and all the stuff Butch has taught us. Hopefully, everything plays out.”


What have you seen from Butch Thompson and this staff?

“Butch is a great guy and all of the coaching staff he hired. Really, it’s just about dumbing the game down and getting after it and understanding the game. Basically, you’ve got to learn how to run your own show. That’s what he’s big on, but if he sees something he talks to you and lets you know what’s going on. He likes for you to run your own show because like he says, we know our arms best and our bodies best. Just get after it in practice and keep getting better, that’s his big thing.”


As a player how important is it when a coach believes in you enough to tell you to do your own thing and give you that ownership?

“I love it because coming from juco I never really had anybody telling me what to do. I already knew my routine and knew my stuff. It’s really great not having to learn a new system and have them pick everything apart this close to the season. It’s a great feeling.”


What was it about Auburn when you made your decision? What stood out about Auburn?

“My first official visit was Auburn and we had Sunny (Golloway) and (Tom) Holliday. I liked Holliday and his resume. When I came to Auburn it felt like home to me. When they say that it actually is that. I just couldn’t pass it up. It felt like home and I love it here.”


What’s one thing you’ve learned about Auburn since you got on campus?

“The people here. They are all behind you. Everyone is behind you 100 percent. Even when things aren’t going good they are just here to help you. It’s a great atmosphere. They are always worried about you and asking questions and talking to you, just really friendly. That’s what I really like there, too.”


How much are you looking forward to the season? You excited to see how it all shakes out?

“The energy is picking up. Everyone is excited. It’s the first year I’ll be in the SEC and I can’t wait. I know the guys probably feel the same way. Everyone is getting after it. Things are starting to play out on the field too. Everyone is looking better. Our hitters are swinging it and our pitchers are filling it up and doing things and understanding the patterns. I can’t wait.”

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