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Football, Football, Baseball and More Football Are Featured In The Friday Mailbag Column

Jason Caldwell of Inside the Auburn Tigers answers questions from readers about Auburn football and baseball in this edition of his mailbag column.

MSandPHDatAU: Do you think Slayton and Ryan Davis will be able to hold off the freshman WR"s?

That’s a good question. I think Slayton has the speed to be a deep threat and that could get him on the field some this fall behind Tony Stevens, but if Nate Craig ends up at that spot it could get interesting. As for Davis, he’ll be battling Jason Smith and likely Elijah Stove for playing time inside, but I think he is a guy who will be involved on offense because of his speed.

mattree: Jason are you starting to see roles defined on the baseball team?  I know you have a small sample size.  How long can he let Haecker try to hit his way out of a slump? Rotation for this weekend?

I think things are starting to work themselves out a little bit. One has been Jordan Ebert at second base. He’s handled things well there and taken over that job. Cody Nulph looks really good at third as well and I think Damon Haecker is probably more comfortable at shortstop. If he can get the bat going this team has the potential to score a bunch of runs.

On the mound this weekend I think you’ll see Justin Camp on Friday, Casey Mize on Saturday and probably Cole Lipscomb on Sunday.


howells: Way too early first 5 wr against Clemson?

I would go with Marcus Davis, Tony Stevens, Jason Smith, Kyle Davis and Ryan Davis.


wtbtiger: Do you think Lett is athletic enough to play left tackle?  Also who do you think has a chance to be a surprise starter on the OL

I don’t think there’s any question Leff is athletic enough to play tackle. I watched him in high school and the guy is very athletic for someone his size. Athleticism and quickness are a different story so I’m curios to see how he handles guys like Carl Lawson and Byron Cowart this spring. As for a surprise starter on the OL, I guess Mike Horton would be that guy for me at right tackle. I just like his potential.


wtbtiger: Do you think Cowart might be moved to a defensive tackle? Who do you think might be a surprise impact player on the DL?

If you had asked me this question in November I would have said yes, but Cowart has had a great offseason and I think he’ll be a proper fit at defensive end in this defense. He’s essentially playing a 3-4 end at times so it’s almost like a tackle in some situations anyway, but he’s improved his quickness so I think he’ll have a much more productive year. As for the surprise impact player I would have said Cowart, but I’ll go with Devaroe Lawrence. I think he’s going to have a monster year.


autigerman: name your starting Lb's on a hunch....

I’ll be surprised if it’s not Tre Williams and T.J. Neal as Auburn’s starting linebackers when they take on Clemson in the season opener. I do think the young guys will be ready, however. I like the trio of Darrell Williams, Richard McBryde and Montavious Atkinson.


ATLtiger07: Are we doing Big Cat Weekend again this year? Heard anything about new recruiting ideas?

I’m sure they are planning to have it again this year like always. It’s something that has become a tradition and a key weekend for Auburn’s recruiting. They usually have some new ideas for the recruits, but I doubt it’s something we’ll find out until that weekend.


tigerpi: How strong is Franklin's arm. Some say he tops out at 40 yds. In the warm ups does he look like he is going to be accurate. I guess Jason I'm asking how do you think he rates as a passer.

I don’t think his arm is as strong as Nick Marshall’s, but he’s got a very good arm and can stretch the field if needed. He’s continuing to work on mechanics, but I think he’ll throw it well enough to get the job done if he wins the job.

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