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Jason Caldwell Of Inside the Auburn Tigers Answers Questions On Auburn Sports

Auburn Tigers spring football, basketball, baseball and more are induded in this edition of the Friday Mailbag.

Antwuan Jackson (above) is an early high school graduate who is going through Auburn's

spring football drills.

MSandPHDatAU: Where do you see Maurice Swain in the rotation this year? Do you think Antwuan Jackson redshirts?

I think Maurice Swain will be a similar guy to the one we saw a season ago. I believe he’ll be the next man up in the defensive tackle rotation behind the starters and probably play 15-20 snaps a game or somewhere in there. My thoughts are that Montravius Adams and Devaroe Lawrence will be the starters with Swain and Dontavius Russell trying to hold off the freshmen. As for Antwuan Jackson, I think he'll have a shot to play, but if Derrick Brown comes in and shows what he can do then they may try to redshirt Jackson if possible.

M5guy: Is our baseball team improving as fast as it appears (from the 2 GA Tech scores) and is Butch Thompson going to be able to put us in contention for a SEC title or trip to Omaha in 3-4 years?

I think it’s just going to be hit or miss with the Tigers this season. I am still not sure they have enough pitching to make a serious run this year, but if Andrew Mitchell continues to come on that would be huge for them as they get into SEC play. I could see him becoming involved on the weekends pretty soon. As for SEC titles and the CWS I think it’s definitely possible down the line, but at least year three in my opinion.

Auhops: Any Grad transfer names floating around for Basketball team next year?

There is not much happening yet. A lot of those things take place when the NCAA Tournament ends and guys start looking for other options. One interesting name is Kale Abramhamson from Drake. He’s a 6-8 forward who is a pretty solid player. I don’t know if Auburn is even in the picture or not, but that’s at least one name I have seen looking for a new home.

M5guy: In your opinion what has prevented Toney from being more of a success at LB - he certainly has the look. Will the coaching changes help him?

I’m not sure Cameron Toney is going to be in the picture even with the coaching changes. He’s just not as explosive as some of the other guys. Because of that he moved to the buck last year and is still outside now in that hybrid role.

Gtwstock: It looks like the Pensacola trip was the aberration, not the norm.  Do you expect to see a "committee" look until someone breaks out at 3rd and RF, even DH or just let some of the veteran guys work their way out of it?

I think they will continue to try to find a hot hand at third base and in right field. Jackson Burgreen is going to be hard to move out right field at the moment because most teams usually have a good group of right-handed pitching, which is right up his alley. At third base I think Damon Haecker will get another look there at some point, especially if Kyler Deese doesn’t do more offensively.

Auburnninja: How tall is Danjel Purifoy? He's listed at 6'6 (I believe), but I've seen some ITAT rumors stating that he's hit a growth spurt and is close to 6'8 now.

I would say Purifoy is probably 6-7, 230 or so right now and could be closer to 6-8. He has grown and is a big guy. I think he’ll continue to play the small forward/big guard spot, but he’s definitely physical enough to be a stretch-four when needed to give Auburn a much more athletic lineup.

ATLtiger07: How do you think the new technology rules will impact the sideline at Auburn or more broadly, the college game?

I think the biggest thing it will do is allow the coaches to get a better feel for what the other teams are doing against them. It should really help an offense like Auburn’s because so much of what Gus does is determined by what look the defense is giving them. If it were available on the sidelines I think it would have an even greater impact. As it is I think it makes adjustments much more important in the second half.


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