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4-Star LB Tadarian Moultry Talks Auburn And His Bond With Another Top Linebacker Prospect

Auburn got another visit from top linebacker prospect Tadarian Moultry on Thursday.

Birmingham, Ala.--One of the top linebackers in the South, four-star Tadarian Moultry was back on the Auburn Tigers campus Thursday to check out the Tigers and also spend time with good friend and fellow top prospect K.J. Britt. Sitting down with Auburn LB Coach Travis Williams and talking defense, Moultry said he had a good time back on the Plains.

“We went over plays and Coach T Will showed us how he would put me at Money (outside) and K.J. at Mike. We were just learning the plays as we go. I just love coming up there every time.

“If they invite me I’m coming,” he added. “My girl loves it there and my mom loves it there. Wherever I feel comfortable going to, that’s where I go.”

That comfort level is a big part of things for Moultry who said he depends on those two women in his life to help guide him in the right direction.

“If I feel comfortable with it and they don’t then something’s wrong,” Moultry said. “If they’re telling me ‘I don’t like this because of that’, they’re going to be a part of my life and if something is wrong with that school they’ll let me know.

“Just like that story with Stephen Curry and his daughter,” he added. “He said his daughter picked his shoes and threw the  other two away and got Under Armour. That’s how I feel about my girl and my mom.”

Having the ability to sit down and meet with Britt alongside was one of the important parts of the day for Moultry because the two have become close friends throughout the recruiting process and have plans to attend the same school in the future. That bond is something that is especially important as they try to sort through the schools they visit.

“We meet when we meet,” Moultry said. “When we go to schools together we talk on the phone about the schools and what they did or didn’t do. That just helps us figure out what school we’ll probably be going to together.

“It’s really, really important to me,” he added. “He’s a good man and I’m a good man. He’s a smart kid and I’m a smart kid. He’s real athletic and I’m trying to be as athletic as him. I’m not dissing whoever the No. 1 player in the country is, but I think he is to me. He told me that too and I said ‘we should just play together’.”

The bond with Williams is something that has kept Auburn very much in the hunt for both linebackers and it’s more than just how he does in the meeting room or on the practice field. His persistence in building a relationship is a big part of things so far said Moultry.

“He’s straight to the point,” Moultry said. “We talk every day. I like to get that bond with him and definitely with my assistant coach. Me and him talking just builds our bond that much more.”

Still planning to make his decision in August, Moultry said at the moment he’s still looking at Auburn, Alabama, Ole Miss, Georgia and Mississippi State.


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