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Linebacker K.J. Britt Talks About The "Dynamic Duo" Visiting Auburn, What He Likes About The Tigers

Linebacker K.J. Britt from Oxford (Ala.) High talks about his latest trip to Auburn and gives his thoughts on LB Coach Travis Williams.

Oxford, Ala.--One of the players high on the Auburn Tigers board at linebacker, talented K.J. Britt has been to the Plains several times in the past few months but for him Thursday’s visit was a special one. Not only did he get to hang out with the fellow prospect he calls his brother, four-star Tadarian Moultry, but he also got a chance to sit down with linebacker Coach Travis Williams to talk football.

That made the trip a learning experience, but also a fun one for Britt.

“Today was big,” Britt said. “It just felt like it was outside of recruiting. It just felt like the one-on-one time with TD (Moultry) was awesome. His (Williams) talking to us linebacker-wise, what TD is going to be, what I'm going to be, making the calls. I learned the calls pretty quick. It was big to sit down with Coach T-Will. I had a long meeting with Coach (Kevin) Steele, had a long meeting with Coach (Gus) Malzahn. It's different when it's 1-on-1 time.

“It's important because we're going to play together,” he added of the experience. “With him being my brother we talk every day. With him being right beside me it got me thinking we could be the dynamic duo. It was big.”

Photo by Jason Caldwell

Tadarian Moultry and K.J. Britt

One of the highlights of the day for Britt was being able to see Williams in action on the field. Talking to the coach almost daily for the last few months, he said watching him coach was the icing on the cake in his mind.

“He's not one of those old-school coaches, he's one that teaches first and get on you later,” Britt said. “He's just one of the coaches you want coaching you. He tells you why you messed up, when you're doing good, congratulates you, gives you a pat on the back.

“It's just good seeing a coach fly around. He was never still. Him flying around, clapping his hands and being a part of practice physically and everything, it was just all good watching him coach.”

With Auburn needing help at the linebacker position in the 2017 class and expected to sign four players this year, Britt said the message from the Tigers is loud, clear and never changes.

“He tells me they don't really want me, they need me,” Britt said. “It's the same from every (Auburn) coach. He tells me he needs guys that will step in and be physical, be a leader, be the bell cow of the defense. He told me he sees all that in me and TD. He said he wanted us to get down here as much as possible and make it family.”

Still planning to make a decision on Aug. 8, Britt said he’ll release his Top 15 schools on April 11 but already has that list prepared. Saying it’s a certainty that Auburn will be in the group, Britt said there is plenty to like about the Tigers at the moment.

“Family,” Britt said of what stands out about Auburn. “\It's not just about winning football games, they're building right now. I just now it's about family here. Everybody treats you the same. It's consistent and that's big. That's going to play a big role because I don't want to go somewhere they change up the day I get there.”

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