Photography: Wade Rackley

Old School Auburn Football Coach Looking Forward to A-Day Game

More blocking and tackling for college football would be just fine in the eyes of Auburn coach Kevin Steele.

Kevin Steele (above) made the move this year from LSU to Auburn.

Auburn, Ala.--Kevin Steele is an old-school football coach concerning spring training. In his eyes more is better when it comes to full contact blocking and tackling, but notes with the current rules for college football it makes the opportunities to do those things more precious.

One of those opportunities will be on Saturday when the Tigers have their annual A-Day scrimmage at Jordan-Hare Stadium. Auburn’s new defensive coordinator said he is looking forward to the opportunity to “just let them play football.”

The Tigers wrapped up their 12th of the 15 allotted spring practice days with a full pads workout on Tuesday. The team will practice again on Thursday and have one more workout after the A-Day Game and then won’t practice again until August.

“I am not complaining because it is what it is,” Auburn’s new defensive coordinator said. “You have got to take care of the game and I understand that. When you’re trying to teach young people the game and it’s 15 days--some of them are non-contact, some of those days are in shorts, some days are shorts and shoulder pads, some days you can’t tackle. There are very few limited opportunities any more. We don’t have preseason games like the NFL does.

“There are very few opportunities where you put the ball down and you let the game be played with the situations,” he pointed out. “For example, you’ve got to learn how to play coming out. Put the ball down on the three-yard-line and they have got to go 97 yards and what kind of play caller is it? Do they throw it or run it all the time? Do they start the two-minute drive? How does a coach start a two-minute drive? Does it start it with runs or screens?

“Just to create all those scenarios in their library gets an understanding to say in this situation is where things happen and what we do defensively,” the coach said. “To create that in a game-like atmosphere is hard to do with limited days now.”


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