Housel, Tuberville Issue Statements

There will be no football games this week in the Southeastern Conference.

Statement from Auburn Athletic Director David Housel and football coach Tommy Tuberville issued statements on Thursday about the postponement of the Auburn at LSU football game.

Housel said, "There is no absolute right or wrong answer to play or not to play. There are good, plausible points on both sides of the issue. As a conference, we made the decision that we would be in this together and that's where we are.

"Obviously, we have great empathy and sympathy for what has happened in New York, in Washington, and in this country. The magnitude of these events continues to sink in. Once the horror has worn away, certainly it will be time for remembering and mourning. But, at the same time, the President said we should get back to life as normal. We'll continue to make that our main focus in the weeks ahead: that and doing what we ought to do and need to do as American citizens."

Tuberville said, "All of us have been effected by the events in New York and Washington, D.C. and we continue to deal with the aftermath and mourning in our own ways. We were ready to play the game and we were getting ready to leave, but the decision has been made that we will postpone our game. We have time to make it up and that's what we'll do on a later date.

"We will use this weekend to spend time with our families as we continue to recover and move forward from this horrible tragedy."

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