Coach's Take: What Auburn Is Getting In Four-Star LB Tadarian Moultry

Auburn landed one of the top linebackers in the country in 4-star Tadarian Moultry and his coach talks about what the Tigers are getting.

Birmingham, Ala.--As a veteran high school coach who has been around the game since he could walk, Jackson-Olin’s Tim Vakakes has seen his share of top talent in and around the Birmingham area in his career and says he sees a special talent in four-star and new Auburn commitment Tadarian Moultry.

A physical player who has unlimited potential because of his combination of size and speed, the 6-2 ½, 227 Moultry has only played football for one full season. Vakakes said that hasn’t stopped him from making tremendous strides on the field and he believes the best is yet to come for his talented linebacker.

“He’s over 220 and he has absolutely no body fat,” Vakakes tells Inside The Auburn Tigers. “I think in a couple of years you’re looking at a 6-2 and possibly 6-3 and 255 pound kid that can run a 4.6 and has no body fat whatsoever. He’s very aggressive, extremely aggressive. He’s sideline to sideline.

“He runs so well and he’s so aggressive. The thing about T.D. is nobody is going to outwork him on the field or off the field. He just goes so hard. The thing about him is that he raises everybody else’s play. The other day the offense had a good day and after the day he stood up and apologized to the defense for not doing better. He told the offense congratulations, but tomorrow is a new day.

“He just raises everybody’s play around him naturally. He’s not a big talker. He’s not going to be a rah-rah guy. He’s going to talk when he has to, but he’s mostly going to lead by example. I think Auburn wants to use him as an outside guy and once he gets to college and puts on weight and learns pass rush moves and all that. I don’t know of a more explosive kid that I’ve seen or that I’ve coached or coached against than T.D.”

Photo by Jason Caldwell

Moultry announced on Friday that he will play college football at Auburn.

Something that stands out about Moultry for his coach is the way he approaches not only football, but life in general. That showed up in the recruiting process for him in one specific situation according to Vakakes. Getting an offer from one of the top programs in the country, Moultry called the coaching staff and told them thanks, but he wasn’t going to travel that far from home for school. He wanted to let them know so they wouldn’t waste time or money recruiting him. Vakakes said things like that are just part of what makes Moultry special.

“The thing about T.D. is that he demands respect,” Vakakes said. “No matter where he is, he can be in a room with a bunch of high school kids or a bunch of college coaches, and the way he carries himself. I have told him for a long time that he’s 18 going on 70 in terms of wisdom.

“He’s one of the most humble and honest kids I’ve ever met. He’s 18 and you’ve got Gus Malzahn and Nick Saban and Kirby Smart coming after you and you’ve got every reason not to be humble, but he absolutely is.

“What Auburn is getting is a kid that is going to demand respect from day one. He’s going to be a leader from day one, I don’t care if he’s a senior, a junior or a freshman. He’s going to lead and do the right things. You’re not going to have to worry about him getting in trouble off the field. He’s just one of those kids.”

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