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Special Edition: Monday Auburn Mailbag

Talking football, wide receiver development, softball and more in this special edition of the Auburn Mailbag.

Dagwood85: Do you think that Auburn will bring in a post grad QB transfer this summer? If so have you heard any definite names? Thanks!

I haven’t heard any definite names on that at the moment. While I still don’t believe it will happen, I’m not going to dismiss it completely after talking with Gus Malzahn last week. He didn’t shoot down the idea completely which makes me think they could still be at least looking. In this day and age of transfers I’m not so sure I wouldn’t keep my options open across the board every year for someone that could help my team.


TIGER45: What in the world has happened to our softball team? Why are we not only losing but getting whipped ?

I think probably the biggest thing is that Auburn’s pitching has struggled over the last two weekends, something that had been a strong point much of the year. I still don’t think Auburn has a bona fide No.1 starter and that’s going to be an issue as they get into postseason play. Last year that team was good enough offensively to overcome an average pitching staff. This season the offense is good, but there are too many holes in the lineup to overcome a bad outing.


WSlay: What grade would you give AU athletics for the 2015/2016 school year (some still left)? College cycles are 4 years, what grade would give AU athletics for the last 4 school years?

I would probably give Auburn a C this year considering the way the women’s programs have done. Winning a national title in equestrian and making the NCAA’s in basketball, gymnastics and tennis was a pretty strong year. No question the struggles in football, basketball, baseball, etc. keep it from being better than average in my mind. As for the four years I would probably keep it around a C. You’ve played for a national title in football, but had some down years as well. Basketball has struggled as has baseball. There have been some positives in other programs, but for the most part I would say it has been average at best.


Woodhcb: Will we see NCAA Men's start using an early signing period for Basketball?

Will Gus use more intricate routes in the passing game. If nothing else can we bring back the slant route?

Both men’s and women’s basketball have early signing periods in November. It’s something that has been done for quite a while. As for the passing game, I think you’ll see them continue to develop some things based on personnel but the main goal is tempo for the fall. With tempo you have less intricate passing game routes, but that’s just what comes along with going faster.


Bigplayer2404: What is your take on RL's route claim about routes and while we do see intricate routes in CGM's book, we don't seem to use many of them games. Do you see that changing?

I think Ricardo was really talking more about his personal development and not the offense in general. If you have the talent and receiving skills to play WR then the NFL doesn’t care about the other stuff (Calvin Johnson and Demaryus Thomas for example). If you can play they’ll teach you how to play offense their way. As for Auburn’s passing game, like I mentioned in the previous question I think the goal is tempo and making things faster. If they can do that and have success the need for exotic passing game route trees goes way down. All you have to do is look at Baylor. They throw the ball a lot more, but it's definitely not anything outlandish in terms of the things they do with the receivers. I could see Auburn opening things up a little more if Sean White winds up being the guy because that's the strength of his game.


Supperclubber: This may be a little early, but who will be the headliners at Big Cat Weekend?

It’s still too early to tell with it being almost a month away, but I think it will be another good group. One player that has already said he’ll be back is wide receiver Jeremiah Holloman, who visited on Saturday. He’s an interesting player that has really blown up in the last few months. With Georgia getting a WR commitment recently, Auburn could be in better shape with Holloman.


M5guy: Softball question again - not only what has happened but can they re-focus or address the issues at hand and make a big run in the SEC tourney? What will it take to make it to Omaha again?

I think this team has all the tools to make a big run in a tournament setting. Being able to use lots of different arms could be an advantage in close games. To me that’s the key for this team is to get quality pitching. If Auburn pitches well they’ll have a great chance to make it back to Oklahoma City.


Wtbtiger: How many pitchers will Coach Myers sign for the 2017 class? It looks like we are still a little short in pitching.

They have already signed Ashlee Swindle from Curry High in Jasper, one of the top prep pitchers in the country. With Kaylee Carlson a sophomore and Makayla Martin a freshman, that should be three very good arms for the next two seasons for the Tigers.

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