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Jason Caldwell's Friday Auburn Mailbag Column

Jason Caldwell of Inside the Auburn Tigers/ answers questions about Auburn football, basketball, softball and tennis in this edition of his mailbag colum.

Au3020: Once summer quarter starts how will the football teams voluntary workouts get scheduled?  Are a few of the upperclassmen organizing them?  Do they have a schedule worked out for certain practice days or days for weight training?

Most of the voluntary Auburn football workouts are scheduled by the older guys on the team and the quarterbacks. John Franklin has done a good job of that already and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was in the middle of things again. They will normally work out four days a week with the strength and conditioning staff and have two days they do afternoon voluntary workouts.


Sandhills Tiger: Jason, do you have any updates on additional baseball signees from your earlier article. I think we have added a few more from your original list.

I know they’ve added a couple of junior college players that could end up being walk-ons in the fall. Jonah Todd is one of those from Marion Military. He hit .411 this season and is an outfielder. As things progress this summer and the roster changes the signing class could grow to a pretty large number by the time things are said and done.


Gmason73: I'm sure this may be tough based on the number of interviews you've done, but

1. Best Person you've ever interviewed 2. Worst Person you've ever interviewed 3. Embarrassing moment(s) during an interview 4. The interview you wished you could have gotten over the years

This is a tough question. There are several guys that would make a “best of” list for me. James Callier, Ben Obomanu and Jerraud Powers are just a few of the guys who stand out to me. I couldn’t even begin to make a “worst of” list other than coaches. John Brady was perhaps the guy I enjoyed covering the least when he was at LSU. I don’t remember any embarrassing moments from interviews. The interview I wish I could have gotten would be Cam after the Heisman. I was there, but we didn’t have access to sit down with him. That’s one I always wanted.


Actman: If I drive over (from Montgomery) to Auburn on a Saturday sometimes during the summer, what is the best way to see the basketball team practice? What if season ticket holder - any value there?

During the summer they have some practices scheduled, but I’m not sure if any are open to the public. They usually have some on Saturday mornings early in football season and that may be your best bet.


ATLTiger07: Which SEC team do expect to be most improved (record wise) in football, and how about the biggest regression?

The team I look for to have the biggest improvement may be Tennessee because I think the East is going to be down again, but Auburn has a chance to be much better if a play or two goes its way early. As for regression, I would go with either Florida or Mississippi State. Florida doesn’t have a quarterback and has some holes on offense. Same with the Bulldogs.


Aubblue: How many returning starters does Clemson have on the OL and who are the probable starters?

Clemson has three returning starters on the offensive line, including sophomore left tackle Mitch Hyatt. He started last season as a true freshman and will be a very, very good player. Guard Eric MacLain and center Jay Guillermo are back as well. Right tackle will probably be sophomore Jake Fruhmorgen with Tyrone Crowder a guard with experience expected to start.


Aunatchamps: UGA has a Touchdown Club of Athens that has been in existence since 1946. Does Auburn have anything similar? I know we have a Tip Off Club and a Diamond Club, but anything for football?

Auburn doesn’t have a quarterback club, but they’ve been doing Friday afternoon lunches with speakers for the last several years and that’s pretty close to what you would get from a quarterback club. There have been several quarterback clubs in Auburn over the years, but the group has not been active for a long time.


Wtbtiger: Which of the QB'S do you think the team has the most confidence in leading them to a winning season? Can you share with us the personality traits that each QB has?

I’m not sure that has been decided yet because I think the players feel like all three guys can get the job done. I think it’s going to take someone early in fall camp really turning it on to become the consensus choice as the right guy to lead the offense. As for their personality traits, Jeremy Johnson is really laid back and that caused him to take a while in high school to really become “the guy.” Last season’s bowl game I thought he was closer to that player that I expected to see. Sean White is a fiery guy who is a competitor. John Franklin is confident and one of those guys that exudes it.


AUPharmD: In softball, how many people are redshirting? How many can dress out? The reason I'm asking is I thought I saw a few players sitting with Kelsey Bogaards at the Sec championship.

I think there are four or five of the 30 players who are redshirting. Auburn’s roster is usually larger than some other teams. I know the Tigers have more players on the roster than most teams.

Sandhills Tiger: Any news on men's tennis opening?

The interview process is still taking place. Former Auburn players Michael Hegarty and Stephen Huss are two of the guys who are under consideration.

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