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5-Star Offensive Tackle Calvin Ashley "Amped Up" About Auburn

Auburn commitment Calvin Ashley talks about the Tigers, Coach Herb Hand and more.

Orlando, Fla.--This time just over a year ago Calvin Ashley committed to the Auburn Tigers after being a part of Big Cat Weekend. Back on campus again last month to be part of the Big Cat festivities once again, the five-star offensive tackle said for him it was a chance to sit back, relax and enjoy himself as he prepares to step in and challenge for a starting job in 2017.

“This one was fun,” Ashley said. “It was different. I know everything around and during the competitions I knew where everything was at.

“It was great,” he added. “I had a couple of guys I was recruiting, people are going to start committing, I promise you. I already got a couple of guys, I don’t want to say their names. In a few weeks they’ll be deciding. It’s going to be legendary, I promise you.”

Doing plenty of recruiting while he was on campus with four-star tackle Austin Troxell one of his main targets, a player who committed to the Tigers in June, Ashley is fully on board with the Tigers and said he couldn’t be happier with his decision one year later.

“I’m still solid,” Ashley said. “Auburn is just different. You go visit other schools and it’s not like Auburn, it’s a lot different. The people are different. It’s the Auburn family. People say that you just say that because other people say it, but it’s genuine, it’s legit. It’s just great.”

Something that was a question for Ashley at one time was how the offensive line coaching change from J.B. Grimes to Herb Hand would impact his decision. While Grimes was an important part of his original commitment, Hand has come on the scene and built a strong bond with his future tackle.

“Coach Hand, that’s one of the best men I’ve ever met,” Ashley said. “He’s one of the best coaches I’ve ever met. I can’t wait to get there so he can coach me and develop me. It’s just great knowing I’m going to be his future player, that’s just awesome.”

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Calvin Ashley is heading into his senior high school season after transferring to The First Academy in Orlando.

With a need at tackle and the possibility of playing right away for the Tigers, Ashley said he can’t wait to get on campus and get started next fall.

“I’m amped up,” Ashley said. “I was talking to my boys and they were telling me they need tackles and that I needed to come in ready to start. I’m ready for that challenge. I’m ready to compete. It’s the SEC, it’s big dog stuff. I’m ready.”

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